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In general, New England and the Northeast can be especially tough on home siding, especially in coastal communities. Extreme weather isn’t so extreme here because it happens so frequently. Durability should be any New England homeowners concern when it comes to their siding. It’s nice to also have siding that performs efficiently and is low maintenance. Homeowners in New England don’t want to be out working on their homes in the winter months. So it begs the question, which is the right siding material for New England homes? Let’s explore some of the most common options on the market today. 

Wood Siding

A traditional siding material that isn’t as commonly used today is wood siding. The reason that its popularity has waned is the durability. Extreme heat and cold causes wood to expand and contract, and it’s also prone to weather only a few years after installation. It does offer a traditional look and charm that some homeowners do like, it just takes far more maintenance to keep this siding material looking sharp. The installation and costs of upkeep can be prohibitive for some homeowners, with wood being susceptible to peeling and cracking. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has overtaken the crown of the most popular siding material from wood siding in the country. Vinyl is known for its affordability and durability. It’s a great value because it is resistant to moisture while also being breathable. Other siding materials can trap moisture in your walls and siding, and become a prime spot for rot. Another reason that vinyl siding is so popular is because of its style. It has been widely popular since the 70s, so now there are many styles and color options available. There is no sacrificing protection for appearance with vinyl. 

Fiber Cement Siding

A new siding material that has emerged onto the market recently has been fiber cement. It is known for it’s supreme durability due to it being constructed of cement and other natural fibers. It does come in some different varieties and styles, but the options are limited compared to vinyl or composite siding options. Installing fiber cement siding can be a challenge because of its inflexibility. It can be cracked and chipped, and when that happens, it must be patched with another siding material like vinyl. 

Composite Siding

Another new siding material on the market today is composite siding. This siding material is made to be low maintenance, moisture resistant, insulating & more. It’s got all of the best qualities and features of vinyl siding but is made from 100% recycled materials. Composite siding can stand up to winds up to 210mph and is UV-resistant so it won’t fade or chip. It’s flexible, so installations won’t leave you with gaps or seams on your home. It offers a clean look in a huge array of colors to fit every home or neighborhood’s aesthetic. 

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