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Leaky roofs mean leaky homes

The roof of a home is like a keystone – if it fails, the rest of the structure will soon follow.

Leaking is one of the most common problems with roofs, especially in New England. Leaking roofs allow water to reach other parts of the home where it’s not welcome – ceilings, insulation, and the joints that hold your home together are all susceptible to roof leaks.

The New England climate – with its extreme temperatures and frequent precipitation – wreak havoc on roofs throughout the region. That’s why having someone who knows the region is crucial to coming to a lasting roofing solution.

The RIHI Roofing Difference

RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist – a family business – has been beautifying homes in New England for over 60 years. That means we understand how the seasons, weather conditions, and more can impact the integrity of your roof.

Armed with decades of experience, best-in-class specialists, and quality U.S.-made materials, RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist has all the tools you need to repair, replace, or re-shingle your failing roof.

As a family-owned business, our clients become an extended part of our family – that’s why we offer a No-Hassle, Non-Nonsense Warranty on all our work. Just like family, we don’t walk away when the job is done.

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Materials to master your roofing job

With a legacy spanning six decades, the specialists at RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist understand the stuff great roofs are made of – the best materials.

Owens Corning Roofing – best in class

That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a partnership with Owens Corning – one of the best roofing supplies vendors in the country – for their lifetime-guaranteed shingles and roofing products.

That’s why we became the area’s only locally-owned Owens Corning Platinum Preferred provider. As a company that only works with the best home improvement companies, Owens Corning’s U.S.-made materials are built to last as long as your home does.

With Owens Corning roofing supplies, we are able to offer a roofing solution that will not only help you live comfortably – it will save you money in the short term and long term.

owens corning roofing
leaking roof fix

Avoid Expensive Leaking Roof Problems

Leaks are the most common problem, but for reasons beyond the leak.

A leaking roof allows water to get into the places it’s not supposed to be. When water is able to drip inside your walls, it can break down drywall and slate – this becomes a dangerous problem as it affects the structural integrity of your walls.

Leaking water also causes rot. Rotting wood in the framing of your home can lead to dangerous instability. That’s why maintaining your roof with the best professionals is crucial.

The repairs for drenched drywall and rotting wood frames is astronomical. Almost no family is prepared to take on the cost of rotting wood, but those costs can be avoided with proper roof maintenance and repairs done right.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Cracking holing, and separation from the walls is another common problem with roofs.

If a crack or hole allows air to flow in and out of your roof, that means air from your heater and air conditioning system are also flowing out. As can be expected, your home’s temperature systems will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, which increases the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Increased Buyer’s Appeal 

A new or properly maintained roof is an asset to any homeowner – for the potential homeowner, it is a godsend.

When buyers are looking at homes, they always want to know whether or not there are major repairs that will need to be done after buying the house.

If a potential buyer learns that the roof has recently been replaced, they’ll see purchasing your house as a more sound investment. In some cases, the asking price of a house can be increased because of a fresh roof.

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Available Roof Shingle Colors & Styles

TruDefinition Duration Shingles Style

TruDefinition Duration Shingles are specially formulated to provide great contrast and dimension to any roof and offer a truly unique and dramatic effect.

sierra grey roof shingles
Sierra Grey
desert tan roof shingles
Desert Tan
terracotta red roof shingles
harbor blue roof shingles
Harbor Blue
slatestone gray roof shingles
Slatestone Gray
onyx black roof shingles
Onyx Black

Berkshire Shingles Style

Berkshire Shingles combine the classic look of slate with modern technologies and expressive colors that are inspired by nature.

beige and gray roof shingles
Sherwood Beige
multi-colored gray roof shingles
Manchester Gray
multi-color colonial roof shingles
dark grey hearth roof shingles
dark grey hearth roof shingles
Canterbury Black

Devonshire Shingles Style

Inspired by the elegant slate roofs that adorn genteel, old-world homes, Devonshire Shingles are designed to reflect the allure of natural slate without the high cost or heavy maintenance.

light grey hearth roof shingles
Seaside Cliff
light grey hearth roof shingles
light grey hearth roof shingles
grey hearth roof shingles

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