Vinyl Siding Features

Vinyl Siding Features for your home by PROTEC

The best materials, every time

Being the best New England siding installation company around, we couldn’t do the best work without the best materials.

That’s why we only use PROTEC brand siding for every job. Their composite siding materials are known in the industry as best-in-class, something crucial for homes in New England experiencing extreme weather.

1. Durability

The composite materials used in PROTEC-brand siding stands the test of time against rain, snow, and other weather perspiration. Because of its resistance to moisture, PROTEC siding will not rot, a common problem for moist climates in the summer.

Rotting siding means your home’s first line of protection breaks down. This will ultimately lead to higher utility bill costs and could lead to the compromised structural integrity of your home’s walls.

2. Beauty

The lasting beauty of PROTEC siding has no peer. Because of its longevity, the color and style you choose will project the beauty of your home for years to come.

3. Energy Efficiency

Americans have embraced the energy savings movement in many aspects of their lives. One way in which you can Save Energy and Money, as well as improve the comfort of your home, is through the usage of energy efficient, insulated siding. With its SOLID CORE insulated backing, the Protec Siding System helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Protec Siding Systems are engineered with SOLID CORE insulation, which includes the SmartTrack moisture management system. This system, with its air ventilation ridges and grooved channels, ensures that your home breathes easy and allows moisture to evaporate.

4. No Maintenance – No Problem

Give yourself a break and the freedom to spend your time and your money the way you want. Protec Siding Systems eliminates the need to repair, maintain, or paint your home’s exterior. Some key areas of maintenance freedom include:

  • Freedom from chipping, cracking peeling, flaking or pitting.
  • No painting or caulking required. Only an occasional washing with household soap and a garden hose.
  • Can withstand wind loads up to 200 mph (based upon type).
  • SmartTrack moisture management system ensures that your home breathes easy and allows moisture to evaporate.ColorLife Fade Defense keeps exterior colors fresh and true for the life of the home, season after season.

Our PROTEC Vinyl siding offers all these benefits and more!

5. Noise Reduction – 45 percent more noise is blocked from the outdoors than traditional vinyl siding

6. Strong – Over 300 percent stronger than fiber cement

7. Protection in and out – Neopor foam insulation works with your siding to decrease thermal conductivity and noise resistance