Replacement Composite Siding

Low maintenance, durable composite siding installed by local experts

Cellular Composite Siding by RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist

Composite siding protects your home but also makes it beautiful

When it comes to protecting your home, your siding plays a crucial role in defending your family against weather and the elements. If your siding isn’t top-quality, then your home may be inefficient when it comes to heating and cooling, which can cost you a lot of money throughout the year and even lead to issues around the rest of your home’s exterior.

Installation is just as important as the product being installed, so hiring trusted contractors will ensure that your installation matches the quality of the product being installed. If installed incorrectly, composite siding can break down and lead to larger problems around your home.

At RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist, we offer Cellular Composite Siding because of it’s low-maintenance, ability to stand up to New England weather, and it’s beautiful appearance. Customers love how it stands up to weather year after year, and we love it because we know we’re installing a product that matches our craftsmanship.

High-Tech with a Classic Look

Your home’s siding gives visitors their initial impression of your home. The color, along with texture and material of your home is a way for you to express some of your style and personality through your living space.

Through our years of experience throughout New England, we have learned which types of last during brutal winters and which don’t. Rainy and stormy summers can also be an issue for some types of siding, but cellular composite siding is able to handle that as well. Our years of experience give us the knowledge to provide homeowners with the options that offer the features that they need.

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Our customers are family

Being family-run business since we started in 1949, RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist knows the value of honest and clear communication. We consider our customers family and as part of our family, there is no length we won’t go to guarantee that your home siding installation is durable, long-lasting, and one you’re happy with.

That’s why we offer a No-Hassle, Non-Nonsense Warranty on ALL the work we do for your home. We stand by our work, so in the event that any issues do occur, we will be there for you to make it right.

Material Matters

We wouldn’t be considered the best siding installation in New England without working the highest-quality materials available.

Cellular Composite Siding by RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist is our go-to for all of our composite siding installations. It’s made of recyclable, cellular materials that don’t rot, split, or crack like other siding materials are prone to.


  • Designed to handle impact from tough weather
  • Resistant to winds over 100mph
  • Interlocking fit allows pieces of siding to naturally expand and contract
  • No gaps, pieces fit together seamlessly

Low Maintenance

  • Color coating elminates the need to repaint siding
  • Texture of the material resists buildup of dirt and bugs
  • No caulking edges or gaps

Highly Sustainable

  • 2x the R-value of wood siding and fiber cement options
  • Totally recyclable
  • Lower heat absorbtion

Style & Beauty

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Different style options depending on your needs
  • Timeless look that won’t fade

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