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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

While spring is a beautiful time of year, it does require homeowners to take stock of their home’s exterior and ensure that everything is properly maintained. Homeowners often rush to prepare their lawn and landscaping, but cleaning the inside of your home is important as well. However, when it comes to home maintenance, one of the most overlooked parts of your home is your roof. It kept protected you all Winter long from sleet, snow, rain, and more, which makes it important to take a moment to assess its integrity now. If you’re interested in learning more about what you should be doing to maintain your home’s roof this spring, keep reading below for more information!

Keep Your Gutters Clean

All Winter long, your gutters are battered with ice, snow, rain, and other debris. Ice dams often build-up when storms are frequent. Downspouts can become clogged, leading to clogs throughout your gutter system. Sticks and leaves can damage your gutters and stop them from draining properly. When your gutters aren’t working correctly, the rest of your roof is prone to damage, as your gutters serve the important purpose of rerouting water away from your home. However, cleaning out your gutters can be a simple job with a pair of gardening gloves and a ladder. This method works best when you’ve got a tarp below to catch leaves and sticks. 

Inspect the Shingles

Typically, if shingles are missing, curling, or losing granules, the damage can be visible from the street. Even if you don’t feel comfortable climbing up a ladder, you can talk a walk around the perimeter of your home and get a good idea of shingle damage. Call a professional if you think that your roof needs a deeper inspection. It is often better to be safe than sorry, as roof leaks can be difficult to spot, and by the time you realize your roof is leaking the damage has been done to your roof deck.

Examine Roof for Mold or Algae

On the coast in New England, roofs are exposed to high levels of moisture, and that can lead to algae and mold growth. When you are inspecting your home’s roof for shingle damage, check for mold and algae. They can cause your roof to break down your roof prematurely. There are DIY options for removing mold from your roof, but it’s best to seek professional help to address the situation properly.

Record the Damage

If you do find damage with your roof, it’s important to document the damage right away. Missing shingles, algae, and broken fascia are all issues that you should take photos of. Recording damage while it’s fresh in your mind will help you document issues with your home insurance company. Your insurance company will likely cover some of the damage if it was the result of a storm. 

Call a Professional for an Inspection

If you haven’t contacted a professional to take a look at your roof yet after a long winter, spring is a perfect time! A licensed and experienced pro can spot things that the average homeowner can’t and reveal the true extent of the damage. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home which means it is important to keep it in good repair! An investment in your roof is an investment in your home.

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