Vinyl Siding vs. Moisture

Saving energy and enhancing the appearance of your siding is only half the story.

Vinyl Siding Moisture Management.  Your home can breathe easier with RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist PROTEC CEDAR RIDGE COLLECTION!

Houses Need to Breathe too …

Do you know that the average family of four can produce up to 4-6 gallons of water vapor inside a home every day? This water vapor is generated from activities such as cooking, showering and cleaning. When adding insulation to the outside of your home, you are making it tighter to increase its energy efficiency. You have to be sure not to stop moisture from being able to escape.

The problem is that many other insulation products can prevent this moisture from escaping, actually trapping the moisture in the walls. This is one of the causes of mold and mildew inside the home where you can see it.  Moisture damage in the wall can create an expensive repair nightmare long before you even know it’s there.

RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist’s Protec Cedar Ridge Collection Promotes Vinyl Siding Moisture Management!

Cedar Ridge is a highly permeable two-way street for moisture management. It is designed to not only save energy, but also let water vapor pass through very efficiently. With a superior permeability rating* of 5.0, Cedar Ridge allows moisture from inside your home to move freely to the outside.  It helps protect against mold and mildew and promoting a healthier environment for your family!

*Building scientists measure breathability in terms of a permeability rating, or “perm rating”.  According to ASTM, a perm rating of 1.0 or less is considered a significant vapor barrier. Vapor barriers are great at providing insulation value but virtually no breathability. On the other end of the spectrum are housewrap-type products, with perm ratings of 58 or more. These products provide breathability but no insulation value.