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RIHI realizes replacing windows in your home is extremely significant towards improving its beauty and efficiency. Making the right window choice is important.

You want to be sure the windows you select are:

This made our choice of developing the PROTEC Replacement Windows by RIHI such an easy decision.

Vinyl windows represent the best choice to compliment your home’s beauty thanks to recent breakthroughs in engineering and designs. Combined with the latest technology in insulated glass, they meet or exceed Energy Star requirements predicted for the next decade.

Don’t be fooled! Replacement windows—regardless of how similar they may appear—are not all created equal. Many run-of-the-mill replacement windows are designed with low cost in mind as opposed to value. Windows constructed simply from wood, vinyl, or aluminum will leave your home vulnerable to frigid winter air, which will saddle you with astronomical heating costs.

PROTEC windows, on the other hand, feature a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resigns. This composite construction creates a solid core insulation system far superior to other vinyl replacement windows that have hollow walls. When shopping for windows you must be mindful of strength and durability, both of which materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum simply cannot provide. Don’t short change yourself and settle for just any replacement window. Choose PROTEC!

RIHI also understands the need for homeowners to express their own unique style when it comes to improving their homes. Curb appeal concerns many people, and for good reason. PROTEC replacement windows embody the best option in this regard, enabling you the freedom to select from different models, styles and options. Each room in your home will have the individual interior look you desire while also offering you the beautiful appeal you deserve. If you want to leave all neighborhood passersby envious of your home then PROTEC is your obvious choice!

Replacement Window Types

Each replacement window type offers what you need to make your home and life easier, whether it be double-hung windows, picture windows, bays and bows, or casement and awning windows.

Tilt-in Double-hung Windows

PROTEC Tilt-in Double-hung Window

Double-hung Windows are what most of us have in our homes. RIHI can replace your old drafty-ones with the latest state-of-the-art PROTEC double-hung windows.

Tilt-in Double-hung Window Features

The PROTEC Double-hung windows tilt inwards.
  • Classic wood window designed frame and sash for added elegance
  • Solid core frame and sash for superior thermal performance
  • True sloped sill for fast water run-off and easy cleaning
  • Draftblocker off-set compression sash design for air-tight seal and added security. Rate of air infiltration – (0.05 cfm/ft2) with minimal operating force
  • Light Lift balances for easy operation
  • Integral off-set balance pockets and multiple weather-strip paths to reduce air infiltration
  • Tripled-secured sash & frame corners: mortise & tenon or biscuit joined, chemically fusion-welded, stainless-steel screw fastened
  • Tilt in sashes for easy cleaning from inside your home
Double-hung window configurations: Single, twin and triple double-hung, Double-hungs with a picture window, and Double-hungs with picture & half-round windows.

Picture Windows

PROTEC Picture Window

Picture windows act as a window to the world … as the name implies, they add beauty to your home inside and out!

Picture Window Features

Picture Windows don't open.
  • Solid core frame and sash for superior thermal performance
  • 3 picture window options to match your operating window styles: Double Hung sash, Casement sash or narrow Direct-Set design for maximum viewing and specialty shaped windows
  • Tripled-secured corners: mortise & tenon/biscuit double hung frame, tongue & groove keyway casement frame, chemically fusion-welded, stainless-steel screw fastened
Picture window configurations: Single, Twin, Triple, or Twin Stacked Picture, Half-round, Triangle, Trapezoid, Hexagon, or Octagon.

Bay & Bow Windows

PROTEC Bay Window

Expand your indoor living space with a dramatic Bow or Bay window. Bay Windows and Bow Windows offer a wide variety of unique and beautiful solutions for your window replacement needs.

Bay & Bow Window Features

Comparing Bay & Bow windows
  • 3/4″ #1 Eastern White Pine struts allow for unlimited angles from 0 to 55 degrees on bows.Bay Windows and Bow Windows
  • 3/4″ #1 Eastern White Pine end jambs (has secondary cover to hide unsightly installation nails and screws)
  • Two interior finishes – all wood or vinyl mullions, end fillers, and stops
  • Unique weep system directs water away from channels
  • 1/4″ all-threaded steel rods between struts tie head and seat boards together for added strength
  • Foam sealant between struts for added energy efficiency
  • Maintenance free vinyl-clad exterior — available in white, adobe and brown.
Bay & Bow window configurations: Bay with or without casements or awnings, or a 3- 4- or 5-panel bow window with or without casements or awnings.

Casement & Awning Windows

PROTEC Casement Window

A crank-out window with low profile handle and concealed hinges.

Casement & Awning Window Features

Casement windows open inwards from one side, while awning windows open upwards.
  • Classic wood casement windows designed frame and sash for an elegant appearanceCasement Windows and Awning Windows
  • Solid core frame and sash for superior thermal performance
  • Draftblocker compression seal design and multipoint sash locking hardware for an incredible air-tight performance and added security. Rate of air infiltration – (<0 .01 cfm/ft2 )
  • Tripled-secured sash & frame corners: mortise & tenon sash, tongue & groove keyway frame, chemically fusion-welded, stainless-steel screw fastened
  • Aesthetically pleasing low profile folding handle, concealed hinge hardware
  • Inside mounted weather-stripped screen system deters insects
  • 90º sash pivot for easy cleaning from inside your home
Casement & Awning window configurations: Single or Twin Casement, Picture window over a casement window, twin casements below a half-round window, single or twin awnings, twin awnings above a picture window, or a half-round over twin awnings.

Replacement Window Options

Window type is just one of the options for your new replacement windows. Window glass, decorative glass, window grids, trim color, and harward finish can all revolutionize the look of your home.

Window Glass Packages

PROTEC Windows Value with double-paned glass filled with argon

PROTEC Windows Value

  • Double Pane with Truseal’s Duralite Spacer
  • 7/8″ insulated assembly with< Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in the chamber
  • *U-factor:
    .25 – Double Hung
    .24 – Casement, Awning

PROTEC Windows Premium with triple-paned glass filled with argon

PROTEC Windows Premium

  • Triple Pane with Truseal’s Duralite Spacer
  • 1″ insulated assembly with 2 panes of Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in both chambers
  • *U-factor:
    .19 – Double Hung
    .16 – Casement, Awning

Decorative Glass for Replacement Windows

There is no better way to turn your home into a stunning eye-catcher than to sport decorative glass in your replacement windows. Class and elegance have never been more available or affordable than with our Protec decorative packages. Customize your windows with your choice of glass. From fancy to classic to contemporary, our glass options will leave you and anyone passing by your home breathless from the spell these windows will put you under. Windows decorative glass options are called for when a home demands a more expressive level of design. Talk to your PROTEC dealer about the many specialty windows decorative glass options we offer like beveled glass, leaded glass, or custom grids between the glass.

Over 12 styles of decorative glass for PROTEC windows

Replacement Window Grid Options

Looking for that certain something to spice up your replacement windows? If you know that your replacement windows need a little accent but not quite sure how to achieve it, grids are a great choice. Providing homeowners with custom contemporary or classic styles, grids will quickly add that touch of brilliance you’ve been searching for. No matter what your taste: six-over-six, conventional square, or hexagonal, Protec replacement window grids promise the beauty and majesty you and your home deserve.

Window Grid Options bring a distinctive look to your home’s curb appeal. Grids Between Glass (GBG) afford easy cleaning. Applied Surface Grids (ASG) are permanently adhered to the glass panes inside and out and are designed to look like a true multi-paned window. Picture Framed Removable Grids (RG) offer the look of an ASG on the interior, yet allow you to remove the grids for easy cleaning.

4 options for window grids: Colonial Flat, Colonial contour, polished brass, and Applied Surface Grids

Replacement Window Colors

A popular misconception about replacement windows is that they only come in white. People are always presently surprised once they take in our Protec color samples, which feature a dozen brilliant colors. We realize homeowners love to express their individual tastes and styles through their home improvement choices, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to provide something for everyone.

Whether you have a taste for earth tones or vibrant shades, you’ll find a perfect fit with our Protec replacement window color options. If you have any questions about what color will work well with your particular home’s décor our product specialist will help you make the best selection. We’re not just home improvement specialist, but we have an eye for fashion for well!

We won’t let you down if you’re looking for replacement window color suggestions. Inside, select solid SuperCap white (lifetime warranty) or PROTEC’s clear pine veneer that can be stained or painted to suit your needs. Outside, choose from solid SuperCap white or eleven in stock factory painted colors, 50+ special order colors, and virtually unlimited custom matched colors (15-year paint warranty). For you homeowners with more conventional tastes please don’t worry. Despite our colorful palette we do still offer white.

Over 12 trim colors for PROTEC windows

Replacement Window Hardware Options

PROTEC windows hardware options offer operators, locks, and hinges all developed to work together to meet or exceed maximum performance requirements. It is the strongest, most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing hardware in today’s market.

Window cranks and cam locks for PROTEC windows in 7 finishes
PROTEC Window casement and awning locks and window pulls in 7 finishes

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