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Kohler Shower

Everything you could imagine all in one place

KOHLER LuxStone Showers will transform your bathroom and exceed your expectations! What can you expect with LuxStone?

  • High quality materials that will last the test of time
  • Beautiful colors, finishes and textures that match your personal wants and needs
  • A reliable and established brand that has helped homeowners for a very long time!

Shower Walls

Do you like clean and classic or sleek and modern? With a wide range of colors and patterns Kohler LuxStone shower walls meet all preferences and will wow your guests. Some of the main features include:

  • Walls made of crushed stone for increased durability
  • Custom fitted walls to allow for one day installation
  • Attractive color and pattern combinations
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Who knew there were this many showerhead options? Kohler LuxStone showers provide stylish and sophisticated showerheads that deliver an amazing look but just as important, unmatched performance. Features include:

  • Wide variety of styles and finishes
  • Height adjustability
  • Increased range of motion in the shower with the Awaken handshower
  • Incorporate DTV for a digital shower experience

Digital System

Control and customize your shower experience with Kohler’s digital touch system. Some features include:

  • Adjusting the water temperature with the click of a button
  • Set a duration & countdown timer
  • Operate and manage three separate outlets
  • Convenient warm up and pause features


Kohler LuxStone accessories provides endless options and are tailored to your taste. Personalize your shower with a range of different options from seating to extra storage. Some accessories include:

  • Shower Locker
  • Floating Shelf
  • Shower Barre
  • Teak Tray
  • Moveable Seat
  • Grab Bars
  • Towel Bar
  • Shower Hooks
Kohler Shower Head

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