Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Expert Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, for those who want to update their kitchen without a major cost.


Kitchens – where a house becomes a home

Virtually any look in new cabinetry can be accomplished with our cabinet refacing services.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in their home.  Yet they also feel that updating their kitchen can become too large of a project. However, cabinet refacing for your kitchen is much easier than many people think. For those who want to update their kitchen without undertaking a major remodeling project, kitchen cabinet refacing is the answer.

Kitchen cabinet refacing offer you the chance for a beautiful kitchen without the dust, muss, fuss, cost, and inconvenience of a complete remodel. RIHI’s Stradivarius Collection cabinet doors and drawers offer homeowners the superb quality associated with high-end fine furniture at half the price. It’s a great solution for people looking for either a radical or subtle change to their current kitchen.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

Through our three-phase process, we’ve perfected the art of refacing kitchen cabinets to create your ideal look.  Our end-to-end process brings you from the first inquiry to a new beautiful kitchen in no time!

Typically within 3 to 5 days, we can reface your kitchen with the colors and design of your choice. Our Stradivarius collection doors are available in over 20 types of wood, including Cherry, Maple, Oak, Alder, Bamboo, Lyptus, and others. Using your existing kitchen cabinet framework, we will manufacture new kitchen cabinet doors and drawers with solid wood for lasting beauty and durability.

Assessment – Our customer service representatives speak with you about what your needs are. With that information, they get our specialists ready for the estimate.

Our specialists then come out to your home to determine exactly what you need for your kitchen cabinet refacing project. They then provide a risk-free estimate and proposal.

Design – With all the information on the general concept, materials, and the goals you want to achieve, our team gets to work designing the perfect solution for your kitchen vision.

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Kitchen Cabinets – With Options!

We offer over a dozen types of cabinet finishing options, including various glazes as well as an unfinished option.

We also offer various design options custom-tailored for each unique kitchen.

Let us help you express your creativity. Our kitchen cabinet makeovers allow you the freedom to mix and match door- and drawer-styles according to your individual taste. With hundreds of possible combinations, your dream kitchen is much closer than you think.

The Difference with RIHI

We can’t be the best kitchen cabinet refacing company out there without using the best materials.

Our Stradivarius-style cabinet doors are quality, all-natural-wood doors meant to last as long as you own your home. Crafted with the choicest woods possible, our cabinet installations have stunned visitors for decades.

RIHI Warranty

It’s impossible to know exactly how much a kitchen remodeling job will cost without knowing several pieces of information.

For one, the size of your kitchen will determine how much it costs. Second, the types of materials you would like used for various parts of your remodeling job will also determine the price.

In order to find out exactly how much your kitchen remodeling job will cost, contact us today  we offer free, risk-free estimates so you know how much your kitchen remodeling job will cost.

Any real estate agent will tell you that a new kitchen is a major selling point for any new homeowner.

Just as with any investment, remodeling your kitchen will add value and buyer’s appeal to your home. It’s one of the few places where new homeowners will gasp with surprise – a new, beautiful kitchen is something all homeowners want, which means you can increase demand for your home.

At Rhode Island Home Improvement, we understand that there are some jobs which are prohibitively expensive. That’s why we offer up to 100% financing for all qualified customers – with this option, you don’t have to pay the cost upfront so you can get to work enjoying your new kitchen.

We currently operate throughout Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southern Massachusetts.

There are many elements of a new kitchen, which means the only thing you need to do is give us a call or request an Estimate.

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