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Darren Losek
Darren L.
19:50 20 Aug 20
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone S.
17:32 11 Jun 20
We had a sizable leak coming through to the dining/living room area.RIHI was quick to respond with a knowledgeable pro. after we put in for a quote assessment. They were able to diagnose the issue via satellite imagery and confirmed via a quick and informative site visit. A major section of the lower roof needed to be replaced, specifically over the area where interior water damage was visible.The issues and options were clearly explained by the pro. All materials and samples were available for viewing during the visit. RIHI helped us develop a clear plan for roof replacement.They were finished within two days and the finishing project looks great! You can't even tell that they were there at all. Very clean and organized.Big thanks to RIHI. We already have them working on a second project!
Suzanne McMillen
Suzanne M.
13:32 16 Apr 20
We have a beautiful new bathroom just completed. It was a major job with new subfloor installed as well as all the new bathroom things. The workmanship is top notch and the area was left spotless everyday. Any questions were discussed professionally. Bill does great work and made sure the finishing was just the way we wanted it. Rob installed a beautiful plank floor. It was a major project and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you RIHI. The McMillens
Captain Dave Walker
Captain Dave W.
14:49 12 Mar 20
We absolutely love RIHI. First off, they did an exceptional job. This is the second time that we hired them and will not hesitate to call them again.They are committed to excellence! Very professional and the quality of their craftsmenship is second to none. Especially of note is Mike D, Sr. Not only does Mike insure a high standard but when asked, makes fantastic suggestions that ended up saving us a great deal of money.We have had other contractors at cheaper prices that ended up costing us more in the long run. RIHI really has the best prices, high quality materials, and the very best craftsmen. We will never hesitate to work with Rhode Island Home Improvement again.
Tony Aurgemma
Tony A.
22:21 25 Jan 20
Great products and service!
Theresa Munroe
Theresa M.
16:25 13 Jan 20
Angela Bumpus
Angela B.
17:09 03 Jan 20
Had my roof done by RIHI because it was leaking even after being patched. We haven't had any issues with the roof since. They got the work done quickly. I have no complaints.
Ninoska Juliao
Ninoska J.
23:50 31 Dec 19
Sales rep. who came to our home for the initial quote was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Didn't force us into making a decision. He helped us through the entire process. From the first step all the way to the last. All the people who we dealt with were helpful. You definitely pay for quality work and top customer service.. My husband and I were incredibly satisfied with the work done to our roof. And definitely will be contacting RIHI for our next project..
Arthur Bouchard
Arthur B.
20:19 31 Dec 19
Paul Barnum
Paul B.
17:17 21 Dec 19
We have had RIHI due a number of projects for us and all were done with great care and quality. No Call Backs
Kim Pinto
Kim P.
01:25 11 Dec 19
Hires RIHI to install basement windows. Price was competitive and installers were professiona . Overall a great job. Would deffinetly use this service agai .
maureen chisholm
maureen C.
17:32 05 Dec 19
RIHI redid my 1950's kitchen and worked with me and my budget to create a beautiful new kitchen. They were extremely responsive to my questions and were always on time and professional. I had a few small issues (nothing major) and they were corrected immediately. The crews were polite, curious, and understanding. The designer worked with me to create the most efficient use of the space we had and made suggestions to me but was never pushy. Overall I am extremely pleased with the services I received, the quality of the work and the materials. I would highly recommend RIHI to my friends and relatives.
Kevin Barry
Kevin B.
14:03 04 Dec 19
One side of my house needed the vinyl siding replaced after 15 years. RIHI was able to match the color perfectly. Great job and the price was very reasonable.
Micaela Sullivan
Micaela S.
02:56 15 Nov 19
neil spencer
neil S.
17:05 14 Nov 19
Great job on the new siding- the crew was on schedule, took away the old siding, put on the beautiful new siding, as well as new porch lights and doorbell.
Joelle Tavares
Joelle T.
20:37 09 Nov 19
Originally had a problem with one of the service guys, so the president of the company came out personally to my house and brought a gift basket and everything and listened to every word I had to say and fixed all my complaints very pleased with the way it ended up turning out and excited to see the work they do to my bathroom. Highly recommend.
Rene Gagne
Rene G.
11:38 06 Nov 19
Marilyn Glantz
Marilyn G.
02:03 31 Oct 19
Easy to work with. Did quality work and quality product. Would recommend them .
Ya Pic
Ya P.
18:08 30 Oct 19
Patricia Lapriore
Patricia L.
15:49 30 Oct 19
Work was done professionally and within the time frame specified. Workmen were courteous and carpenters were exceptional in their craftsmanship. I am very pleased with the results of my new kitchen.
Edgar Oliveira
Edgar O.
20:58 29 Oct 19
I dealt with Mike which gave me reasonable price on my roof. I really don't have any problems with my roof and now Hindi to Cape Verdean guys who are nice and the clean the best they could.
Marcia Browne
Marcia B.
20:59 28 Oct 19
Lou Fournier
Lou F.
18:16 25 Oct 19
Lewanda Elliott
Lewanda E.
15:58 23 Oct 19
Jessica Grimes
Jessica G.
18:19 22 Oct 19
We had all of our windows replaced with RIHI. The quality of window is top notch. What I really sold me with this company was the fact that everything was done in house so if we ever have an issue in the future, we call one place and it will be take care of. The second is the 50 year warranty. Windows are expensive to replace and we are very confident in the quality of these window. Sal, Chris and Mike were here for 1.5 days installing the windows. This crew was incredible. They were fast, efficient and everything was picked up and cleaned at the end. I am so happy that we went with RIHI for this job. I would without a doubt recommend this company to anyone looking to replace their windows!
Alicia Derise
Alicia D.
12:09 22 Aug 19
We have had every window in our home (and skylight in the bathroom!) replaced by RIHI. The team was wonderful. The work done within the week and the cleanup after was terrific. With any Big job like this, I had a couple of very minor issues which were addressed. After care is as important to me as the work done, and RIHI was great. When Anthony A. came to the house personally & patiently gave me tutorials on how to work certain things, I knew I had the right place. I believe in RIHI...They were not cheap.....they were GOOD...very good. Our next home improvement job will definitely be with RIHI. Attaching a Before and After Picture. I'm a happy customer!
Dottie VanderPyl
Dottie V.
11:34 20 Aug 19
Great service, products are top notch and the everyone there are VERY helpful. No need to look elsewhere.
Mike Ciacciarelli
Mike C.
12:34 25 Jul 19
Rhode Island Home Improvement made my window replacement project painless and worry-free from start to finish. Their salesman was professional and thorough. There were no surprises. The window installers did a great job. They replaced 9 double-hung windows and a sliding glass door with no issues. But most of all I was impressed beyond expectations with the custom-sized garden window that they installed over my kitchen sink. I wasn’t able to find one anywhere else locally but they made it happen. The quality of all the windows and door exceeded what I’ve seen by other manufacturers. Everything operates effortlessly today (5+ years after install) as it did from day one. I encourage everyone I know to give RIHI an opportunity quote their next project. You won’t have to worry about a thing with these guys...they are truly top notch!!
Helga Melgar
Helga M.
14:50 23 Jul 19
We got off on a rocky start after our the service was done but was attended to immediately after my social media rant. I received a call back from one of the owners no less. He came by personally to check on the issue and made sure that it was taken care of immediately and to our satisfaction. We were happy with this customer service recovery. I do recommend that whoever answers the phone, once you sense customer dissatisfaction, proactively escalate it to higher management and not wait for any public posts before it can get taken care of. Nipping a problem in the bud is always best. Still, we were happy with the post-service once it was done right.
Jeffery Fiscus
Jeffery F.
13:38 23 Jul 19
We had vinyl siding installed. The quality of the material is very good and the gentleman who did the installation did a great job, kept the area clean and was very pleasant to have on site. The salesman was very informative but a bit on the high pressure side.
Paul Giarrusso
Paul G.
12:27 23 Jul 19
Troy Wilkinson
Troy W.
22:07 18 Jul 19
mike giacheri
mike G.
20:49 18 Jul 19
Frank DiNucci
Frank D.
01:33 17 Jul 19
George Patrick
George P.
20:44 10 Jul 19
Got multiple window replacement quotes. Their suggestion was the only one that took into account the architecture of my house and even though it was a least expensive option, that's what they suggested.Honest company.
Nicholas R Bento
Nicholas R B.
23:38 08 Jul 19
Amanda Dahlin
Amanda D.
20:31 05 Jul 19
We replaced all the windows in our home (10) and we’re so happy with the results. Our windows look beautiful, open and close without sticking and no more drafts from our bay window.
Victoria de Lodzia
Victoria de L.
18:04 29 Jun 19
We replaced all the windows in our house. The service was wonderful and the windows were quickly installed and ready to use in one day. We have a lot of windows so we are very pleased with the resuts.
David Hodge
David H.
15:57 28 Jun 19
RIHI has done my roof and then, a few years later, my windows. Some may find the cost expensive, but keep in mind this: It isn't about paying for what you get, it's about not getting what you don't pay for. Quality is everything to this company and the results are evident in my home.
Nathaniel Zannelli
Nathaniel Z.
12:06 28 Jun 19
They did great work, were easy to talk over details with and showed up on time when they said they would. RIHI is expensive and I would recommend negotiating on price but I am very happy with the work they performed. My new shower/bathroom looks fantastic.
Eddie McDevitt
Eddie M.
13:27 27 Jun 19
I would recommend RIHI to all who ask.
Jane Christensen
Jane C.
21:26 26 Jun 19
We got off to a bit of a rocky start because they had started on the wrong roof but they made good on it and it was actually a plus for me because I ended up having all the roofs done instead of just three. I have had no problems or issues with the roof and my roof was done in November of 2017 so far so good. They also continue to follow up with me once every year make sure that everything is okay. So far I have been satisfied and I would consider using them again for other projects. The only comment that I would make is that anyone using this company make sure that the instructions are correct and are going to be followed properly.
Linda Bean
Linda B.
19:44 25 Jun 19
Every step of the process went smoothly. I love my kitchen cabinets.
16:03 24 Jun 19
Bill did a fantastic job, and went behind the call to help.... awesome 👏