Siding and Seashells Down by the Seashore

While the warm Atlantic sea breezes gently skirt the Massachusetts south shore coastline next week, so will the sights and sounds surrounding the annual Marshfield County Fair. For the 150th year, the seaside burgh of Marshfield will spring to life with Ferris wheels, live music, gourmet pizza, and giant pumpkins. You’ll need all eight crazy days that the fair will be running to experience the excitement the Marshfield Fairgrounds has to offer—including our RIHI Remote Team. We will be demonstrating just how important our Protec products are for homes perched on the coastline. The ocean air will unremittingly batter your home over time. Let us show you how to better prepare your home’s exterior for summer’s salt-water drenched air assault.

If you live near the ocean and have furnished your home with wooden shingles or clapboard, you undoubtedly have first-hand knowledge of the blistering devastation salt air can create. Operating within Rhode Island for close to 70 years now, we’ve helped many a coastal homeowner strengthen their home against beach-driven breezes. Our Protec siding provides decades of durability for all our friends who enjoy waterfront property. For example, our Cedar Ridge siding contains a moisture management that allows your home to breathe while reducing access water vapor trapped within your walls. When left ignored, this water accumulation promotes algae and mildew growth which will severely damage your home. A home that breathes properly never has to worry about this moisture buildup.

Another concern our seaside-living friends come to us with are hurricanes. Albeit rare as of late, Rhode Island and Massachusetts have seen our share of hurricanes, which is why our Protec siding is tailored to face wind gusts up to 200 mph. Should you find yourself skeptical of our speed test—feel free to visit our website where we have videotaped our composite siding laughing at a cannon-fired baseball shot into it. Now, that, gentle reader, is durability!

Don’t be afraid to take the scenic drive to the south shore next week. Everyone should experience the Marshfield Fair at least once in his or her life! Otherwise, reach out to us at 401-739-1001 for any of your ocean and beach related questions.


Charlestown Seafood Festival & more

The Charlestown Seafood Festival has achieved icon status among annual Rhode Island events. Rhode Islanders are famous for our very discriminating pallet pertaining to delicacies delivered from the Atlantic Ocean, which is why so many of us flock to Ninigret Park each first weekend in August. The seafood festival holds a special place in our hearts here at Rhode Island Home Improvement since we’ve been a fixture within the fest for the past two decades.  We’ve watched the show grow from a delicious showcase of the most amazing clam cakes and chowder from restaurateurs spanning the beaches of Westerly to the foliage of Woonsocket into a full-blown multi-musical entertainment experience. This year’s lineup includes tribute bands covering the likes of The Eagles, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, and Foreigner.  My favorite, however, would have to be Mullett—who will captivate you seafood revelers with all the decadent hits from the infamous Hair Band era. You can never go wrong with a collection of bands, lobster rolls, and chowder gathered in one open space!

As for our inclusion in these summer festivities, our RIHI Remote Team will be promoting the latest line in our Protec roofing shingles.  Our premium roofing shingles are perfect for homeowners looking to replace their roof one time and then forget about it. Protec shingles are devised with a systematic copper granule technology that prevents algae and mold growth. Anyone who has suffered through ridding his or her roof from the grips of algae growth can attest to the absolute hassle such an episode creates. If you consider yourself color-conscious, you’re in luck! Our Protec shingles feature an amazing spectrum of shades, tones, and colors which will astound even the most ardent color enthusiasts.

Get out of the house this weekend and come hang with us at the Seafood Festival!  Enjoy some clam cakes, some classic rock, and fantastic roofing shingles. You can also always reach us at 401-739-1001 for our opinions on home improvement projects and where to find the best fisherman’s platter.


Celebrate Your Independence

No matter which coast or corner of America you happen to inhabit, you are undoubtedly eagerly preparing to celebrate our country’s day of independence.  Backyard barbecues, pool parties, some much needed beach time, and a colorful spectrum of fireworks are sure to be on many menus this weekend. We here at Rhode Island Home Improvement, however, remain hard at work creating a different kind of independence—independence from outrageous heating costs!  Granted, many of you have left memories of your oil and gas bills behind with your shovels and snow blowers, but we never tire of devising new and innovative ways to save our neighbors money.

Any home’s first line of defense from the frigid New England air centers on windows. There is no quicker way to bleed your bank account than furnishing your home with subpar shoddy windows. Do not fall victim to slight-of-hand tricks sub-standard windows use to blur the line between cost and value.  You can go out and grab a cheap window, but please don’t be naïve and think you’re getting a great value. Our Protec windows offer great value from myriad perspectives. For example, Protec’s composite construction features a solid frame blended with a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins. Compared with inferior windows, Protec ruins the competition’s flimsy, hollow vinyl frames. Putting our Protec window up against one of these also-rans in a holiday-themed metaphor would be like enjoying the Bristol July 4th firework spectacular stomping out one single sparkler. There is just no comparison!

Before you gas up your grill and kick start your cookout, don’t forget to visit rihi.com.  We’ll show you all you need to see about tightening up your home before the end of summer. Don’t wait for winter to hit before replacing your windows. Replace them now with RIHI!


Designing Dreams

dream-design-2So, you’ve been thinking about jumping into the wonderful world of vinyl siding, but you’re having a tough time wrestling with which color to choose.  You’ve probably also grown disillusioned with holding up a handful color swatches to your home, which is absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully, RIHI and technology has granted you the gift of knowing exactly what your beloved home will look like regardless of what color you choose. Selecting siding has never been simpler! Our Dream Designer module within our website now allows you to upload pictures of your home and customize its exterior to your unique taste. You should be warned, however. People have lost themselves for hours perusing the Dream Designer, experimenting with the dozens of vinyl siding flavors featured on our site. Now is the time to envision your home’s potential, so let’s get started on how to use this thing.

First, you’re going to need to snap a glamour shot picture of your home. Your cellphone camera will more than suffice.  Once you have a quality picture of your home you can upload it to the Dream Designer page located at rihi.com.  It may take a day or two for your home to be uploaded, but can check back from time to time until your home pops up on the Pick A New Home page. Simply select your home once you find it and let the fashion show begin!  Walk your home down the runway wearing exotic tones such as honey oak, harbor blue, and Oceanside.  Conventional shingle-style not your thing, you say? No problem! Convert your siding style into vertical siding (which everyone knows is rather slimming) cedar shake style, or clapboard. Run through the entire color palette before selecting your decorative trim and voilà—you’ve covered the endless possibilities for your home.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of colors our Protec siding affords. Take your time and enjoy the Dream Designer software on our site. Once you find the perfect vinyl siding color you’re just one phone call to 401-739-1001 away from making it a reality.