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Know Your Snow

snow-roofIf timing truly is everything, then today is the perfect time to talk about how to properly remove snow from your roof. Yes, once again Mother Nature lulled us into a false sense of security as she let us off easy with a very gentle January. Now as many of us dig out of the multiple snowy inches laid down upon us yesterday, we should think about how much snow is too much snow for our roofing systems to handle. The good news is that your home—as long as it was built to code—should have no problem shouldering the burden of snow generally associated with your region.  Another secret known to many savvy homeowners, one which I will share with you now, is to know your snow. Do not gauge the snow on your roof by the visible amount. For example, dry fluffy snow carries much less weight than that of wet snow. While the latter makes for much better snowball fights and snowman construction, the former is far easier to manage.

You may now be asking, “How do I know when my snow load is too much?” Since we’re in the secret-sharing mood the next one involves your home’s interior doors. If your roof is starting to buckle a bit from excessive snow your interior doors will stick when your attempt to open or close them. You may also notice some chipping along the drywall above these doors.

Should you now find yourself wanting to remove snow from your roof your best bet is to call a professional. Your snow-slicked roof is the last place you want to start honing your shoveling skills. If you have a one story house, such as a bungalow or ranch, you can purchase a snow rake from your local hardware store. These rakes will allow you the ability to remove snow from the safety of ground level. Remember, you don’t need to remove all the snow—just enough remove any threat of compromising the structure.

As always—feel free to address any snowy roof-related questions to The Home Improvement Guys at RIHI via 401-739-1001.


End the Cycle of Painting with Vinyl Siding


Are you sick of painting your house? Most homeowners are, yet year after year and spring after spring more people drag themselves outside only to be held hostage by a brush and bucket of paint. There are so many more fun and interesting things to fill your weekend with other than lumbering up and down a rickety ladder. On the other hand, if you happen to be one of the fortunate people who have called RIHI over the years, inquiring about our Protec vinyl siding, then you’ve already forgotten about all the painstaking perils painting your house can incur. Please don’t waste another beautiful spring weekend bristling under the weight of paintbrush bristles.

Protec vinyl siding gives you the best of all worlds. This is not your grandfather’s siding, people. Vinyl siding has gotten a bad rap over the past few decades because of the hideous lime-green flimsy plastic that donned so many homes in the 70s. Spanning a spectrum of 22 vibrant colors, Protec delivers a flavor for everyone’s unique taste. Our Protec siding also offers the look of freshly painted cedar shakes, clapboard, and shingles. Even a ten-year span your house will appear to look as if you just painted a week ago.

If durability is a concern, Protec is for you. In fact, if you’d like confirmation of the aforementioned durability then check out the video above. You’ll be treated to a baseball shot from a cannon straight into our wood impressions siding.  Take notice, Mother Nature! What do you have for New England that can compete with a cannon-fired baseball? On second thought, perhaps I shouldn’t taunt Mother Nature considering the previous few winters we’ve suffered through.

Whether your motivation lies within ending the strain of painting forever, or making your home the most beautiful on the block—you’re going to want to call us immediately at 401-739-1001.


How do I Handle Ice Dams?

ice_dam_slate_roofIce Dam(age)

One of the most often asked questions we get here in the office this time of year is how to handle the hassle of ice dams.  An ice dam is simply a layer of ice that forms along the edge of a roof, inhibiting the collected snow from melting properly. The resulting melt then has the potential to creep into the house, leaking down into the walls, creating damage to the interior of your home.  The old saying “an ounce of prevention outweighs a pound of cure” was never more accurate than when discussing ice dams.


Preventing ice dams takes a few different forms.  Your roofing ventilation plays an important role in ice dam prevention. A properly ventilated roof will allow air to flow smoothly so that excess heat will not build up and cause the melting process to speed up, which creates a breeding ground for ice dams. You will also want to remove snow from your roof, especially if you notice icicles forming.


If you find yourself past the point of prevention, however, you have a few avenues to pursue, best of which involves calling a professional. One option is to place a box fan in your attic and pointing it at the leak. The cold air the fan generates will refreeze the leak, in essence bringing it to a stop. Again, the melting and freezing cycle of the snow drives the ice dam process, so keeping it frozen will alleviate the leaking.

Hose down your roof!

If you’d prefer another route, one which may seem somewhat unconventional, grab a pair of panty hose. Yes, you read that correctly. If you fill a pair of panty hose with rock salt, lay it across the ice dam—leaving the foot of the hose hanging off the gutter, the salt will melt the ice without damaging the roof, allowing the excess snow and ice to flow into the gutter. Granted, you may receive some inquisitive looks from neighbors and passersby wondering why you’ve littered your roof with ladies’ hosiery, but at least you’ve nailed down that nasty ice dam issue! Who ever said science can’t be fun?

As always, we’re here awaiting any questions and concerns pertaining to your roofing needs. Reach out to 401-739-1001 and we’ll be happy to share how our Protec roofing system will help you in the fight against any inclement weather to which we have to look forward. 


Let it Snow!


Peaches, all comfy and cozy
behind RIHI Protec Windows!

She held off as long as she could, but good old Mother Nature finally reminded us that we live in New England—and it happens to be January. With the holidays fading into memories and our thoughts turning to daydreaming about Memorial Day cookouts, we just have to get past the next sixty days or so of winter’s worst offerings. If, however, you were one of the hundreds of savvy homeowners who took advantage of our RI Home Improvement 2016 extravaganza specials then you have very little to worry about. In fact, just as I was diligently shoveling my driveway this morning I happened to turn toward my house to notice my dog looking at me from her perch inside my recently installed RIHI Protec bay window. While I was laboring through the bitter cold and back fatigue, Peaches—on the other hand—could not have looked more comfortable or cozier behind those three panes of Climaguard glass. Just that simple one window replacement project has brought a quiet calm to my household—not just giving Peaches the perfect place to keep a close eye on her neighborhood buddies—such as chipmunks and squirrels, but also bringing me a heating bill that is much easier to digest. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will replace all their windows, but leave the largest window alone. I did not have this option, as my bay window verticals would gently rustle with each blustery breeze. The custom-made composite construction of my new Protec bay window seals off the winter wonderland from my living room, giving Peaches a great place for afternoon naps—at least that’s what she tells me.

Don’t let the first significant snowfall of 2017 get you down! Look Mother Nature square in the eye and fight back. Take it from Peaches and call us today at 401-739-1001 for your free window estimate. Keep winter outside…where it belongs!


Congratulations Marilyn M., of Jamestown!

walmartwinnerMarilyn M., of Jamestown, is one of our recent winners of a $25 WalMart gift card.  For the holiday season, we’ve been promoting a Scratch-2-Win contest, where instant prizes include steep discounts on RIHI products as well as gift cards.  It’s still not too late to give it a shot!  Stop by our North Kingstown Walmart location or our kiosk at the Warwick Mall.

Marilyn received her gift card from RIHI Lead Generation Manager Tom Case at our Warwick offices.

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Happy New Year

fireworksAs we close the book on 2016 and prepare to pop the cork on 2017, we wanted to remind our faithful readers about a few last minute promotions we are offering. Today and tomorrow are the final days to take advantage of our extended Black Friday 30% off holiday blowout spectacular. Tomorrow is also the last day to receive a free in-home estimate in which we will hold said estimate for one entire year. Again—if you allow us to present you a quote for any home improvement of your choosing we will honor the price given to you all the way through to New Year’s Eve 2017. Do not procrastinate, people! Forget about all those cliché New Year’s resolutions people always conjure like buying a gym membership they’ll never use or eating healthier and all that other nonsense. Make a worthwhile commitment to address those pesky drafty windows, or your roofing shingles that are curling and lifting. You’ll thank me next summer when you’re calling us back to cash in on that great estimate you received on New Year’s Eve.

No matter what your flavor of choice may be, whether you’re contemplating replacing your windows with energy efficient composite windows or turning your home into the maintenance-free palace you deserve with siding—now is the time to call us! Rhode Island Home Improvement is your one-stop for updating your kitchen and bathroom, as well. Was your kitchen put together when disco balls and leisure suits were still in fashion? It’s not 1977 any longer, folks. It’s time to reface those cabinet doors and drawers and replace that tired countertop.

There’s only today and tomorrow left, so stop your stalling and start calling! We’ll be here late into the evening and early tomorrow morning fielding calls from smart homeowners who are looking for that last minute deal. Call 401-739-1001 and get a jump on 2017!


Congratulations Debbie C., of East Greenwich!

walmart-winnerDebbie C., of East Greenwich, is one of our recent winners of a $25 WalMart gift card.  For the holiday season, we’ve been promoting a Scratch-2-Win contest, where instant prizes include steep discounts on RIHI products as well as gift cards.  It’s still not too late to give it a shot!  Stop by our North Kingstown Walmart location or our kiosk at the Warwick Mall.

Debbie received her gift card from RIHI Lead Generation Manager Tom Case at our Warwick offices.

Could the next gift card winner be you?  Or even better, could you be the winner of our yearly $15,000 Home Exterior Makeover Sweepstakes?


SALE Ends on Saturday


We’d like to start today with wishing all of our faithful customers, Facebook followers, and blog fans a very merry Christmas and happy Hanukah. We are gearing up to fulfill the wish lists of all our nice customers from Connecticut to Cape Cod, stuffing stockings with Protec replacement windows and roofing shingles. In fact, we are in such a festive holiday mood, we’ve brought back our wildly popular Black Friday sale for one last curtain call before 2017. For those of you who may have run into us during your frantic holiday shopping at either the Warwick Mall or North Kingstown Walmart, I’m sure you have heard rumor and innuendo regarding our 30% blowout sale. Well, we are offering the same great package again to anyone flirting with the idea of winter improvements. Starting right now there are only four words you need to keep mind through New Year’s Eve: Sale Ends On Saturday. Once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st this deal will suffer the same fate as Cinderella’s carriage and turn back into an out-of-season Halloween pumpkin. Don’t be left out! Call us now and secure your 30% savings on any of our beautiful energy efficient products.

Still not convinced this sale is for you? Take a moment away from reading this blog and go stand next to one of your older windows. Do you feel that? That cool refreshing breeze rushing through your hair is your hard-earned money evacuating your home…and your wallet. If you call RIHI today we’ll come to your home and show you the beauty, majesty, and efficiency Protec replacement windows offer. Our windows are a cut above the rest—especially when we cut 30% off for you. We know you’re an intelligent home owner, and an intelligent shopper for that matter.

Don’t leave this opportunity behind with the rest of 2016. Call 401-739-1001 and give yourself something to look forward to in 2017.


Holiday Deals!


Sleigh bells ring—are you listening? I hope so, because RIHI is coming down the chimney with a sack full of great deals and discounts! The holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put home improvements on the back burner.  People so often tend to think that December is too late for home related projects, but we’d like to dispel that nasty rumor. December is the perfect time to get your home ready for the worst that Mother Nature will soon have to offer. In fact, now that the temperatures are dropping, we’ve decided to drop our prices as our gift to all of you homeowners who have been nice all year. Forget about waiting until spring for those projects; take advantage of our Internet specials! Go to rihi.com to see for yourself why it pays to go with RIHI before New Year’s Day.

With November fading into the horizon of our rearview mirror, you can count on your heating bills taking a turn for the expensive as the year winds down. The easiest method to combat these bills is by replacing your tired old windows. No one realized this more than we, which is why we’re giving away one of our Protec replacement windows for every three you purchase. Our Protec windows make great stocking stuffers when you consider their solid core construction and Energy Star certified U values. You’ll also never need to worry about Jack Frost nipping at your windows every again. Our Clima Guard glass will retain your home’s coziness while keeping the New England winter wonderland where it belongs—outdoors.

The best gift you can give this holiday season is the peace of mind and savings only Protec replacement windows can offer. Call us today at 401-739-1001 and one of our many diligent elves will come to you and provide a free estimate. We’ll even gift wrap your brand new replacement windows and place them under your tree at no charge.


Deck the Cabinets!

santainkitchen2With the clock ticking down on the holiday season, we wanted to remind all of our faithful readers that there is still plenty of time to upgrade your kitchen. Are you entertaining this season? Don’t be held hostage by your tired old kitchen. Let Rhode Island Home Improvement come to you and share how quickly and quietly we can give you the kitchen perfect for hosting your very own holiday extravaganza. You won’t have to fear any intrusive remodeling projects when you choose RIHI. Our kitchen system revolves around the magic of cabinet refacing. Forget dust, must, and plaster dust—our system involves simply replacing your old cabinet door and drawer fronts with brand new ones custom designed to your liking. Get in on the secret so many other homeowners have learned. Don’t replace—reface!

Cabinet refacing surprises everyone once their project is completed.  People are so programmed to believe kitchen upgrades are lengthy and painstaking processes, taking multiple months while you microwave pizza in your living room and wash your dirty dashes in the bathtub. You have no more excuses to suffer through shampoo residue on your flatware! Cabinet refacing projects are normally completed within a few days and simultaneously allow you free reign and use of your favorite appliances during said few days.  You won’t even know we’re there during the install. Our helpful festive little elves pride themselves on bringing your kitchen to life with as little fanfare as possible.

When sitting on Santa’s lap this December, remember to ask for cabinet refacing and not replacing. We hope all you good boy and girl homeowners wake up in a few weeks to stockings stuffed with brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. For those of you, however, who may have found yourselves on the wrong side of Santa’s Naughty List—you can always call us at 401-739-1001 for your free estimate.


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