Designing Dreams

dream-design-2So, you’ve been thinking about jumping into the wonderful world of vinyl siding, but you’re having a tough time wrestling with which color to choose.  You’ve probably also grown disillusioned with holding up a handful color swatches to your home, which is absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully, RIHI and technology has granted you the gift of knowing exactly what your beloved home will look like regardless of what color you choose. Selecting siding has never been simpler! Our Dream Designer module within our website now allows you to upload pictures of your home and customize its exterior to your unique taste. You should be warned, however. People have lost themselves for hours perusing the Dream Designer, experimenting with the dozens of vinyl siding flavors featured on our site. Now is the time to envision your home’s potential, so let’s get started on how to use this thing.

First, you’re going to need to snap a glamour shot picture of your home. Your cellphone camera will more than suffice.  Once you have a quality picture of your home you can upload it to the Dream Designer page located at rihi.com.  It may take a day or two for your home to be uploaded, but can check back from time to time until your home pops up on the Pick A New Home page. Simply select your home once you find it and let the fashion show begin!  Walk your home down the runway wearing exotic tones such as honey oak, harbor blue, and Oceanside.  Conventional shingle-style not your thing, you say? No problem! Convert your siding style into vertical siding (which everyone knows is rather slimming) cedar shake style, or clapboard. Run through the entire color palette before selecting your decorative trim and voilà—you’ve covered the endless possibilities for your home.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of colors our Protec siding affords. Take your time and enjoy the Dream Designer software on our site. Once you find the perfect vinyl siding color you’re just one phone call to 401-739-1001 away from making it a reality.


Deck the Halls this Summer

deckingThe warmer weather has finally decided to slowly show itself, which means deck season is quickly approaching. Having completed my own deck project two years ago, I can attest to there being few things more enjoyable than relaxing out on your own private oasis during a sultry summer evening.  What you want to remember is that not all decks are created equal.  Tearing down my weathered, rusty-nailed, wooden deck and replacing it with the amazing composite constructed TimberTech design has completely transformed my back yard into the perfect entertainment venue. Whether I’m hosting a grill-driven barbecue for a bunch of friends or alone reading a book with an ice-cold margarita, my TimberTech deck cultivates the perfect haven from the day-to-day stress the real world is so fond of dishing out.

Why did I choose TimberTech from Rhode Island Home Improvement for my deck needs? I found myself lingering in front of our decking display longer and longer every time I would make a coffee in our showroom café.  Working within a home improvement company has its privileges, and perusing the TimberTech color spectrum is absolutely one of them. No matter what tones you fancy: light, dark, or neutral—TimberTech has the shade that best speaks to your unique taste. We here at RIHI also provide color photos mixing and matching various railing types with assorted decking, allowing you to custom tailor your entire deck experience.

Striking colors aside—you also cannot compete with composite material. Who wants to spend an entire weekend staining and treating a wooden deck? Not you! A deck should be a place of refuge from the world, not a source of manual labor. Composite decking takes care of itself, constantly looks as if it was just painted, and will not blister or peel. Once RIHI installs your deck the only thing left is for you to have as much fun as possible with it.

April and May are the perfect months for deck shopping. Call us today at 401-739-1001 and we’ll help you realize your very own backyard barbecue central. You supply the steaks and beverages; we’ll supply the deck!


Home Show Season

homeshowIf you should stop for a minute and take a deep breath while outside you’ll notice something a little different in the air. That fragrance stirring in the breeze, my friends, is the flowery scent of home show season.  There is no better time of year for those of you shopping for brand new replacement windows, vinyl siding, or roofing systems. Perhaps your goals are more interior-driven, such as bath and kitchen centric. Don’t let your tired bathroom or kitchen hold you back! Now is the time to bring your home into 2017 with style.

Of course, you could always visit the home show at the Rhode Island Convention next weekend. However, if you would rather avoid the nightmarish parking and the social-anxiety inducing crowds you could come down to our showroom instead. Located smack in the middle of Rhode Island, our customized showroom in Warwick holds its own personal home show every day (and our coffee is much better than anything you’re going find in the convention center).  No matter what your home improvement wish list includes, you’ll be sure to find it right here with us. Tired of inflated heating bills, you say? No problem. We’ve got you covered with the latest Energy Star technology featured within our Protec replacement window system. Maybe you’re sick and tired of painting your home year after year? If that’s the case, come peruse our spectacular vinyl siding samples.  Whichever direction your unique taste takes you we have a vibrant color that will cater to you.

Browsing through our showroom, you will undoubtedly be taken aback with our kitchen cabinet refacing display. Our handcrafted cabinet door and drawer fronts will unlock your imagination as to just how beautiful your kitchen could become—without the hassle found in full-scale remodeling projects.

Hate traffic and crowds? Come down to our showroom at 1815 Post Rd in Warwick where every season is home show season. You can also call us at 401-739-1001 to schedule an appointment for us to bring the home show to you!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

peanuts-paddyday-GOODIf the rumors I’ve heard are true and everyone really is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, let this Swedish boy sitting at the keyboard wish you, gentle reader, “Sảsta lả St Patrick!”  While the imagery associated with today range from explosions of lime-green shamrocks dancing throughout the streets to rivers of Guinness flowing from local neighborhood open taps, we would like to add one of our own visuals to this glittering pot of gold: Protec replacement windows. You won’t need the famed luck of the Irish should you choose RI Home Improvement to upgrade your windows. Our Protec replacement window system will keep every ounce of your home’s coziness inside while shunning the unseasonably frigid temperatures that have confronted us the past few days outside.

Instead of relying on luck like so many other window companies prefer, we’ve utilized the latest glass technology and composite design to offer our customers prime energy efficiency. So many windows on the market today are constructed for low cost, which translates into low value. Don’t be fooled by these inexpensive windows—which our competitors like to describe as “economical,” but we like to use a more accurate term: “cheap.” Our Protec window features a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins for a solid core, giving homeowners a much better value for their money as compared to a flimsy hollow shell of a subpar window. If strength and durability are factors found important to you in your search for replacement window perfection, you have just met the window of your dreams in Protec!

Don’t be left green with envy at the hands of an inferior window system this St Patrick’s Day season! Call RIHI today at 401-739-1001 and schedule an in-home consultation with one of our delightful little window leprechauns. Our estimates and river dancing lessons are both free!


Congratulations John H., of Norwood!

JohnHunterJohn H., of Norwood, MA, is the lucky winner of a $100 Golfer’s Warehouse gift card.  He was one of many who signed up to win at the recent golf show.  Check it out.  If you see us at one of the many events we attend, stop by to see if we’re giving anything away … more often than not we are!  Just ask John H.!

We’ll also be glad to speak with you about any home improvement projects you need done.

John received his gift card from RIHI Marketing Manager Ron Pazienza (right) at our Warwick offices.

Could the next gift card winner be you?  Or even better, could you be the winner of our yearly $15,000 Home Exterior Makeover Sweepstakes?