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We all love home improvement TV shows or Youtube videos where homeowners complete a project from start to finish. From a simple painting job to plumbing jobs, more people are trying DIY projects around their homes than ever before. It is one of the biggest trends for homeowners today. Replacing your home’s roof is a project that you may be tempted to complete yourself, but it’s not the best idea. For the health and safety of your and your family, hiring a professional to replace your roof is the right move. 

It’s Dangerous

The whole purpose of your roof is to keep your home, your family, and yourself safe from weather, debris, and more. Your roof is inherently dangerous because it’s elevated and prone to weather, causing it to be slippery. Professionals have the roofing tools that are needed but also the safety tools needed. They are much more prepared to be working on a roof and are more adept at identifying unsafe or troublesome areas of a roof. Some signs of roofing issues are obvious, but sometimes it takes a more keen eye. If you aren’t aware of a soft spot on the roof, you could end up falling and hurting yourself pretty badly. The smart choice is to call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof before setting foot on it yourself. 

No Warranty

Typically, when you work with a roofing contractor, the shingles or other material that’s used is covered by a warranty. The contractor typically forms a relationship with manufacturers that allow them to offer manufacturer warranties. If you install your own roof, it voids your warranty. So if something goes wrong and you need a repair or replacement, you’re going have to pull out your checkbook. The labor, as well as the roofing materials, are typically covered under warranty when you work with a trusted contractor

More Cost-Effective

Doing small roofing repairs on your home can be done, and likely won’t be too dangerous for homeowners, but major repairs and replacements should be left for the pros. Licensed professionals can spot warning signs that the layman’s eye can’t. Not all issues with roofs are external; they sometimes are more deep-seated and involve the framing and decking. Licensed professionals go through training and have years and years of experience to identify less obvious issues. DIY jobs often put a band-aid on the issue, which allows it to come back later. Getting a full roofing assessment from a licensed and trusted roofing professional is one of the best ways to avoid very costly issues down the road. 

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