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snow-roofDon’t be a hero

You call a professional; that’s what you do! There are countless injuries each winter spanning various degrees of severity suffered by anxious homeowners worried about the effects of heavy snow on their roofs. While the snow load on your roof is a matter of concern, of course, it is not one you should tackle without first fully investigating the proper methods involved. Please do not be one of these cowboys (or cowgirls) who slap on a pair of mittens, their favorite snow boots, and crawl out a bedroom window with a shovel, hoping to clear off their roof. In many cases the roof is actually fine, yet nervous panic creeps in and leads people on unnecessary misadventures which could get them hurt. Today we’ll look at how to determine if your roof is indeed in peril and how to remedy the issue if you’re really intent on handling it yourself.

Know your snow

The first thing to consider is what type of snow is currently residing on your roof. Wet snow poses more of an issue than that of dry snow. For example, six inches of wet snow is equivalent t to 38 inches of dry snow. Another piece of information people will often forget is that if your roof was built to code based upon your region it will support more than the normal weight of snow. You also want to check the local news reports, as they will inform you as to dangerous snow load amounts.

Doors and rakes—how to use them

How do you know there is a problem? There’s a very simple trick to remember. Open and close your interior doors on the level of your home closest to the roof. If you notice a sticking than chances are your roof is struggling to hold the current snow load.
If you really feel the need to handle your roof on your own you’re going to want to invest in a snow rake. These handy tools run anywhere from $35 to $50 and should only be used with light fluffy snow. Snow rakes are constructed to be used from ground level, inhibiting the need to actually saunter around the surface of your roof. Again, I highly suggest you call a professional snow removal company when and if this situation should arise.

Now, if you had called RIHI at 401-739-1001 and invested in our Protec roofing shingle you would not need to worry. Our roofing system is specifically tailored to protect you and your family from the worst New England has to offer. We’ve weathered over sixty winters as a company, and we plan on getting through many more. So, call us before the next blizzard hits, which I think may be just on the other side of the Super Bowl this weekend.

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