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Unless you do not own a television or do not participate in the fun world of social media, you’re more than likely hunkering down, preparing for the onslaught of snow threatening our beloved New England. Hopefully, you’ve prepared yourself—and I’m not talking about raiding the local grocery store for umpteen loaves of bread or seven gallons of milk. I’ll never understand why French Toast is so popular during weather-driven distress. While milk and bread are two favorite storm standbys for nervous New Englanders, this is as good of a time as any to review some important things to keep in mind as you prepare for Snowmaggedon, the Snopacalypse, or whichever other cute, clever snow themed moniker you choose.


People underestimate the importance of having enough water. Widespread power outages can affect pumps and floods can contaminate the water supply. FEMA will usually suggest three-quarters of a gallon per person per day. Don’t forget the important role water plays in plumbing issues during storms of this caliber. A bucket of water will flush your toilet if the water has been shut off.


You can also never have enough flashlights during stormy times. Stock up on batteries, too. Even if the snow clears, businesses open, and the roads become passable does not necessarily mean that power will be restored. I know people who were left without electricity for over a week following the Pawtuxet River flood a few years ago.


Communication to the outside world is something else that requires serious thought. Your digital cordless phones are not going to work during a power outage, and your cell phone’s battery is not going to last forever. Blizzards are actually a great time to break out those antique vintage landline phones. Why not go crazy and dig out that old rotary phone that’s been collecting dust in your basement. Don’t leave anything to chance and wind up incommunicado.

The best thing to remember is to just use common sense during periods of extreme weather. Have plenty of food, water, reading material, and don’t forget you can always call us on Wednesday at 401-739-1001 for a free post-blizzard estimate of your choosing.

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