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sunny_beach_14475003_by_stockproject1-d33h5n6Leave the snow behind

By a show of hands, who’s sick and tired of snow? Just when I thought we might be getting a reprieve from the weather we’ve suffered through the past few years, we now seem to get hammered with snow every Monday. As I write this blog, however, I’m looking over the schedule for our upcoming remote events—most of which are home shows—which means one thing: spring is coming! Pay no mind to that groundhog and his silly shadow business. Once you start hearing home show commercials on your radio you know t-shirt weather is on the horizon. Home show season aside, another event we love to attend is this weekend’s Boston Globe Travel Show. What better way to shake the winter blues than to visit a travel show?

The Seaport World Trade Center

If you’re thinking about getting out of Dodge before any more snowstorms barrel through us, then the Boston Globe Travel Show should be on your things-to-do-list this weekend. Located in the Seaport World Trade Center, the Boston Globe Travel Show offers plenty of food, beer, and exciting destinations to explore. You’ll find travel agencies from in and around metro Boston who cannot wait to help you plan your next dream vacation. Looking for sunny beach locales, a Caribbean cruise, or maybe a European excursion—whatever your pleasure might entail will be on display this weekend. Stop in and put that much needed getaway you deserve into motion!

Cruises and cuisine

The Travel Show doesn’t just offer vacation ideas. You’ll also enjoy a smorgasbord of exotic food and craft beer. If you’re going to be traveling, why not first experience the fine foods from the region before your visit? The Seaport will showcase many top chefs who are ready and willing to expose you to an array of cuisine, many of which may be unfamiliar to you yet delicious!

In between kiosks devoted to globetrotting, you’ll also have to stop in to say, “hi,” to the RIHI Remote Team. Set up an appointment with us so that we can talk about replacing that roof or a few of your windows before you step out and take that trip. As always, you can reach us at 401-739-1001.

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