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Money-Flying-Out-WindowAre Your Windows Stealing from You?

Most people who call us looking for an in-home replacement window consult do so because they’ve just been horrorstruck as they opened their latest fuel bill.  While the most obvious red flag regarding window issues is found in your heating bill, there are many other factors that can help you determine whether or not your windows are costing you money. Today we’ll examine some easy tell-tale signs that your windows are draining your wallet.

Rough Draft

Drafts are one of the first factors that will tell you it’s time for new windows.  Everyone loves to enjoy a nice cool breeze, just not in your living room…in February.  All windows will allow some air to seep into the house; however, it should go unnoticed.  One mistake people make in this instance is to address the weather stripping of the problematic window. Replacing the weather stripping will simply act as a temporary band-aid.  If you’re experiencing noticeable drafts, it is definitely time to explore replacing your windows.

Don’t Let Your Windows Condescend You.

Condensation is another way your windows are trying to tell you there’s a problem.  Noticing fog or a whitish film between your window panes usually indicates seal failure. A very common mistake people will make here is to replace the glass or the seals. Again, while this may solve issues in the short-term, these steps will only put off the inevitable need to upgrade your windows.

Now, let us ask you a question. Do you need to use a stick to hold up your windows in the summer? If you answered “yes,” please stop reading this, drop everything else, and call us immediately. Windows that are difficult to keep open or require parlor tricks to keep open are beyond help. Our Protec replacement windows, for example, are fitted with a Lightlift balance system that will save you from resorting to the old stick-in-the-window treatment.

Short Cuts are Short Term

Finally, as mentioned above, your fuel bills are a great motivator for getting you to replace your windows.  If your heating costs are making you uncomfortable then the blame lies with your current windows. It really is that simple.  There are many shortcut solutions to fix your windows, but again—they will only satisfy you for the short term.  Look for a quality replacement like our Protec replacement window.  Between the Clima Guard Glass system, advanced balance technology, and solid core insulation the Protec replacement window will alleviate all the headaches mentioned here today.


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