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house3aOf Course It Does!

Absolutely! No doubt about it. Yes!  Now that we’ve answered that question as emphatically as possible, you’re probably going to ask “why.”  A sunroom will instantly increase not only your home’s value and curb appeal but also your overall quality of life. We constantly receive “thank you” cards from our sunroom customers, telling us that their sunroom completely exceeded their expectations. In fact, many of these same customers will tell us their RIHI-installed sunroom is where they now spend the majority of their time.  While these sunrooms offer many obvious advantageous aspects, we’ll cover even some of the not-so-obvious as well. A professionally installed sunroom can offer benefits many homeowners wouldn’t even initially expect; for example, energy efficiency.

Opening up Your Home

When people contact us for an in-home presentation centering on a sunroom, they’re usually just thinking about another room in which to sit and sprucing up the aesthetic look of their home. Many overlook the notion of adding square footage to their home with a sunroom, which naturally drives the house value into a completely new realm.  A sunroom will especially work well for a home that’s on the smaller side. People with bungalows and modest capes love how much space gained a sunroom RIHI has installed because of the once-unimaginable added living space. Nothing opens up the flow of a home’s floor plan like a sunroom.

Not Just Fun for You, but for Your Wallet as Well.

As mentioned above, a well-placed sunroom will also increase the home’s overall energy efficiency.  For example, our RIHI sunrooms help conserve energy by capturing the natural heat and light from the sun. The technology utilized through the ventilation system alleviates heat loss while the glass package limits the need for electrically generated light, both of which just cannot be found with a conventionally built addition.

Outdoor Living All Year Round

Speaking of sunlight, people also cannot help but notice their sunroom’s effect on their overall well-being. There is simply no substitute for the ability to seemingly recline outside at any time of year without the burden of succumbing to the elements. Our customers love to share stories about enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a great book within the cozy confines of their sunroom, especially during a particularly snowy December morning.  The open feel of our sunrooms allows you to imagine relaxing in the midst of a brisk winter wonderland without suffering the unsightly symptoms brought upon by frostbite and exposure.

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