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Double Hung Replacement WindowsWhen we last met we had discussed a few tell-tale signs that would indicate it might be time to begin the window shopping process. Age, construction, and number of panes make up a few of the more obvious examples, so today we’ll explore a few that may not be as noticeable.

Have your heating bills been increasing?

While there are many factors that affect your home’s energy efficiency, windows account for the largest percentage. Nothing dictates the amount of your fuel costs as drastically as your windows’ performance.  Instead of blaming the price of oil, your current heating system, or Mother Nature’s cruel sense of humor, you’d be much better served replacing your windows. For example, if you were to replace your current windows with our Protec window system you would enjoy almost immediate savings. Between our double and triple paned glass and solid wall construction, Protec replacement windows work to keep your money in your wallet.

Have you noticed fading of your rugs and/or furniture?

Another sure sign your windows are beginning to betray you is through fading.  If your favorite couch or love seat looks as if it’s losing its luster then chances are your windows are to blame. UV light generated from the sun will beat down upon your home, offering no quarter until your windows’ glass ultimately gives in, leaving your rugs and furniture exposed to color-stealing rays. Our Protec windows feature the Climaguard glass system, which will protect your furniture’s upholstery for years to come—allowing you to endlessly entertain with a vibrant, colorful décor unharmed from the worst the sun has to throw your way.

As we look ahead to Halloween and the cooler weather trick or treat season brings with it, don’t forget to call us at 401-739-1001 if you answered yes to any of the above questions.


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