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Diligent followers of 152-Fotolia_6060137_XHD_webwe’ve spent this week reviewing some helpful hints that will alert you to begin investigating replacement windows for your home. From heating bill hikes, single panes of glass, furniture fading, and the like, we have probably covered factors with which you are already familiar, and hopefully ones with which you are not. We’ll begin today with one that is easy to notice and work down to one that may not be as noticeable as you may think.

Do you currently have storm windows?

People’s perception of storm windows is often rather misguided.  Storm windows—as their name would suggest—protect your windows from storm related activity.  Nothing else!  What many people do not realize is that since storm windows are constructed from aluminum they are a great conductor of heat and cool air. The problem with that notion is that the storm windows can actually conduct the warm air out of your home in the winter while leaking the cool air during the summer. Quality replacement windows, such as our Protec replacement window, should render the need for storm windows obsolete.  Between the composite construction and Climaguard glass system, the Protec window accomplishes everything a storm window could hope to without the necessity of the actual storm window.

Are you getting a breeze through your current windows?

With the popularity of mini blinds, drafts might not be as easy to detect.  People furnishing their windows with draperies, on the other hand, will occasionally notice said draperies swaying in the breeze. While there’s nothing wrong with a refreshing summer breeze washing over you in July, feeling the same breeze in your living room in the dead of January is not as enjoyable.  Even just the slightest of air getting into your home can translate into multiple twenty dollar bills escaping from your wallet right along with the precious heat for which you are paying.

Once again, if you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 401-739-1001. Don’t let winter wreak havoc with your finances. Replace your windows today!


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