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2Dhl9wWkIt’s a question confronting every homeowner as the weather turns blustery. “Should I or shouldn’t I replace my windows,” can be heard throughout New England as Halloween approaches. While in some cases you might not have an immediate urgency to replace your windows, the correct answer will nonetheless depend upon how you answer a few other key questions.

How old are your windows?

Like everything else in life—except for maybe wine–age will take its toll on your windows. If your current windows are older than fifteen years old you’re going to want to begin the shopping process. Fifteen to twenty years of age will usually classify your windows as elderly, which means you’re more than likely losing energy.

What are your windows made from?

If you’re windows are wood, vinyl, or aluminum then you’re ready for an upgrade. Our Protec replacement windows, for example, is a composite construction created through the blending of polymer and acrylic resins—lending itself to a much stronger and durable window than the aforementioned options.

Do you have single pane windows now?

If you’re windows only feature one pane of glass it is time to remedy that issue. If you’re not sure how many panes are in your current windows there is a very easy industry trick to figure out the answer. Grab a lighter, light it next to one window, and count the flames. Each pane of glass will reflect one flame. Single pane windows—despite how they’re constructed—will turn your home into an energy sieve, leaking heat into the great outdoors and beyond. Keep your heat, and your money, inside your home and invest in either double or pane replacement windows.

That’s enough to digest for now. Next time we’ll look at some more questions you can pose to your windows to see if they’re worthy of staying another winter or if they need a swift replacing. If you would rather not wait for the next blog and prefer to be proactive, you can always reach us at 401-739-1001.


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