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Addressing those home improvements before winter

rhode_island_roofing_contractorsDo you find yourself contemplating the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off? Have you noticed the shingles on your roof starting to curl or become brittle? What about the exterior of your home? Do you fear pulling out the ladder and laboriously painting you’re peeling clapboard? That’s no way to spend a weekend! Maybe you’ve noticed a draft or two leaking through those old windows of yours, especially now that we’ve experienced a few days of brisk autumnal New England weather. If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these above questions then allow us to invite you to the Home Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

The 6th Annual Providence Fall Home Show

Taking place on November 15th and 16th, the Fall Rhode Island Fall Home promises to showcase all of your home improvement desires. Interior, exterior, whatever your fancy consists of—the Fall Home Show has it all! We’ve been enjoying this show for each of the previous six years it has been held; especially since before the inception of the Fall Show your only chance at perusing home improvement options on this large of a scale was during the one show held each spring. Considering the turnout, response, and feedback from this show, there are quite a few homeowners wanting to complete projects before the winter months hit.

Look for us at the RIHI booth

If you are planning to stop by the show, you’ll have the opportunity to see our extensive collection of Protec replacement windows, siding, and cabinet refacing, not to mention the latest in our beautiful Stradivarius cabinet refacing.  We’ll have many specialists on hand, waiting to handle each and every possible question you have regarding your home improvement projects. We’ll demonstrate for you just how much our Protec products can not only make your home the most beautiful on the block, but also the most energy efficient.

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