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summer_home1As we enter into the heart of the warmest months of summer, we thought we’d dedicate some time to those who are enjoying their summer homes.  Summer home maintenance provides a unique scenario in that when considering upgrades you need to also think about the time you will not be living in the home.  The term “maintenance-free” takes on an entirely new connotation when discussing summer homes, since no one wants to worry about maintenance for a home they’re only occupying a few months per year. Don’t let your summer home feel envious of your off-season home.  Offering your summer home upgrades will allow you to fill your days with beach combing and dining al fresco as opposed to filling them with puttying, painting, and scraping.

Vinyl is Final

Since we’re in Rhode Island, many of our customer’s summer homes are located near the ocean, lining the streets of any number of the sleepy little seaside burghs found in our state.  While the ocean provides many opportunities for scenic enjoyment, the salt air can create chaos for homes featuring wood siding and wood windows. The problem with the salt air constantly bearing down on these homes is that it beats mercilessly on the shingles and windows, causing weathering and warping. There has been a boom of summer home upgrades recently with both vinyl siding and composite windows.  We’ve helped many homeowners furnish their summer homes with both vinyl siding and composite windows and they couldn’t be happier.  Not only do they love the look of their summer home (not to mention the notion of living maintenance-free during the height of vacation season), but they also enjoy the peace of mind vinyl and composite products provide once they retreat to their off-season residences.

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is also paramount to summer home maintenance.  Cleaning debris off your roof will eliminate the chance for mold and mildew to grow. Prolonged mold and mildew growth is not only unsightly, but it could also limit the lifespan of your roofing shingles. Make sure to inspect your roof thoroughly before locking up your summer house for the winter; however, don’t forget to make a pass through following foliage season.  Leaf peeping is a favorite sport among many New Englanders, but just please remember once these leaves fall they tend to clutter roofs and gutters.  Don’t let your summer home waste away under a blanket wet leaves and debris.


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