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Replacement Windows are not Created Equally

replacement_windows1Anyone who has spent time investigating replacement windows has discovered they come in a variety of flavors.  Shopping for replacement windows does not have to be stressful—if you know what to look for.  Arming yourself with just a few key points will provide you all the insight you need to make an intelligent decision.


Value Your Windows’ Value—not their Cost

So many people make the mistake of confusing cost with value when purchasing replacement windows. Everyone would love to solve their window issues as inexpensively as possible. Homeowners need to realize, however, that replacing your windows with subpar cheap replacement windows will do you little good. What you save in money on your windows’ price tag you’ll just be handing over to your gas/oil company—every month! Let’s take a look at some of the criteria that separates the good from the bad and the ugly.

Composite Composition

The first thing to look for in your replacement window is how it is constructed. You want to avoid wood and metal clad windows, and focus on looking into windows made from a composite material.  For example, the design of the Protec window, used exclusively by RIHI, is a cocktail of polymer and  acrylic resins. This composite material is impervious to water and mold damage—not to mention insect related damage—all of which plague other windows. Another important aspect of the Protec window’s construction is the fact that it is chemically welded versus fusion welded. Chemically welding the window makes for a much stronger frame while also making it water tight.

Through the Looking Glass

Glass will also dictate the quality of a replacement window. Selecting a window with only one pane of glass or generic glass will completely defeat the purpose of replacing your windows. Our windows, for instance, feature titanium dioxide low E glass. The titanium dioxide far surpasses other metallic coatings because of the higher visible light transmission.

The Perfect Window for U

Finally, the most popular buzzword surrounding replacement windows is U-factor. The U-factor simply quantifies the rate of heat loss; therefore, the lower the U-factor the better the window. When comparing replacement windows, always note the differing U-factors—as this will determine just how energy efficiency your new replacement windows will provide you. Always seek out Energy Star certified windows, as they will provide you the best value for your replacement window investment

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