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Cleaning Vinyl Siding

vinyl_siding_washWe know what you’re thinking: “What are you talking about? I thought my vinyl siding was maintenance-free. Why are you writing about maintaining it?”  Truth be told, vinyl siding is about as maintenance free as you can get—especially when compared to wood siding.  Vinyl siding does, however, require some minor TLC once every other year with a good cleaning. Unlike wood siding, cleaning vinyl siding doesn’t require ladders, nor does it require a battalion of paint brushes and scrapers.  You could call a power washing company, but that advice would make for a rather short blog. We’ll assume you’d like to tackle cleaning your vinyl siding yourself, which after you do it once you’ll realize just how small of a deal it really is.  Let’s get started!

The Power of Washing

  • You first want to visit your local hardware store to rent a washer.  You should find one with at least 3000 PSI, which will offer enough power to get those high, hard to reach areas. As far as what to use in regards to a cleaning agent, any dish detergent will suffice.
  • Now, you want to make sure you’re just washing your vinyl siding, and not your and garden and landscaping. Carefully cover any plants or shrubbery to avoid the spray and the detergent. Any tarp or even a table cloth will work.  You also want to cover any exposed electrical outlets.
  • As you begin washing your vinyl siding, always hold the sprayer at a 45 degree angle. This angle will prevent the water from getting behind the siding. Work evenly starting from the bottom of the house. Take care not to hit the windows dead-on with the spray. Wash the windows at an angle as to not damage the glass.
  • Once finished, wait a few minutes for the cleaning to sit before rinsing.  Work from the top down when rinsing the house, as this will avoid streaking.

That should do it. Not too bad, right? Once you return the washer to the hardware store you’ll be able to enjoy the freshly washed look of your vinyl siding for another two years.

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