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636x700Waiting for Spring to spring

With spring a mere seven weeks away (that’s right, people. Seven!), now is the time to start seriously thinking about those home improvement projects you’ve been saving for once the weather breaks. The warmer weather will be upon us sooner than you think, so we need to stop hibernating and get at it! One project that pops up on most homeowners’ spring to-do lists is replacing the windows. Window replacement is rather popular once winter leaves for good, especially since so many are trying to catch their breath following a season of brutal heating bills.

Beat the heat loss

Anyone investigating replacement windows finds out rather early that subpar older windows are the worst culprit for leaking energy out of their home. As heating costs rise, the demand for replacement windows increases, which is why we’ve glanced at some more reasons that our Protec window system makes the most sense to combat the energy loss from which your home has been long suffering.

Color my world

There are many factors conscientious homeowners consider before selecting a replacement window. Energy efficiency, ease in which to operate, minimal maintenance, attractive appearance, and durability are all attributes intelligent consumers seek out during their journey to find the perfect window. We’ve customized our Protec window to fulfill all of the above mentioned criteria. For example, we’ve discussed at length the science behind what makes Protec an elite window, but we tend to neglect the appearance. Offered in a dozen shades and colors—including such fun tones as champagne and cranberry—Protec windows will not only save you a sizable amount of cash, but they’ll look gorgeous while doing it!

If you find yourself contemplating changing those tired old windows of yours, there is no better time to call us. We’ll be here at 401-739-1001 just waiting patiently for you to take the first step toward spring, and your brand new windows!

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