Angry Woodpecker

Angry Woodpecker

I hope our previous blog regarding woodpecker infestation may have helped any of you currently dealing with those pesky critters. While we discussed many creative means to diffuse woodpeckers and their appetite, we simply skimmed past the best solution: adorning your home with Protec vinyl or composite siding from RIHI.

Nothing ruins a woodpecker’s dinner plans quite like siding, as they find vinyl and vinyl-like products completely unpalatable. Nets, reflector tape, and noisy machinery will all work well to keep them at bay, but siding will send woodpeckers reeling—never to return. Woodpecker prevention aside, the benefits of siding your home with RIHI’s Protec composite products are numerous, but we’ll concentrate on a just a few of them today.

Most people convert to siding for their home because of the maintenance-free aspect vinyl provides. If you’ve ever painted your home then you know exactly what I mean. No one wants to waste what will normally encompass multiple summer weekends balancing on a ladder while dragging a paint brush across peeling shingles or clapboard. That is not what summer was meant for! The most work you’ll put into maintaining your siding is perhaps power washing it once every other year. Other than that—you can just sit back and enjoy the notion of your house always looking as if it were just painted last week. That’s the beauty of Protec siding from RIHI: striking color clarity for years and years without ever touching a can of paint.

Speaking of aesthetics, siding your home is also a great way to drive your home’s curb appeal. There is no quicker avenue to increase the resale value of your home than installing quality siding. There are many other advantages siding offers that do not involve appearance, which we’ll cover another day.

Call us today at 401-739-1001 and we’ll send one of our siding specialists to leave you with a free estimate for siding and entering the world of maintenance-free living.

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