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woody woodpecker

Homeowners out there—raise your hand if you’ve had to deal with woodpeckers dining al fresco on your home at one time or another. If you are one of the unfortunate souls who have had the unpleasant experience of facing down one or more of these home wreckers then you know real frustration. Woodpeckers have an insatiable appetite for destruction, especially for homes furnished with a wood exterior. While there are a few slight-of-hand parlor tricks we can employ to deter these clapboard chompers, the best alternative still involves converting to the world of vinyl or composite siding offered by us here at RIHI. Before turning this article into a love letter addressed to vinyl siding, we’ll explore some other options to cease your pecking problem.

First off, killing woodpeckers is not an option—unless you’re looking for a legal hassle. Since they’re considered wild birds, woodpeckers are protected in most states. Shooting, poisoning, and other fatalistic means of removal should be avoided. One acceptable and proven method revolves around bird netting. When installed properly, netting is almost a sure fire way to prevent pecking. Bird netting will work within garages, rafters, and home exteriors. Other avenues include a variety of sonic options currently on the market. These machines are easily programmed to produce distress signals that drive woodpeckers away. One of the drawbacks to these devices is that they tend to be pricey. Purchasing a quality sonic repellent can run upwards of $300. Visual repellents also work well, and are much more affordable. Your local neighborhood hardware store will normally stock flash tape and reflective stickers which will confuse and frighten these birds. Once woodpeckers have been driven from an area they rarely return to roost…or snack.

It seems I’ve run out of space and time today before revealing the best woodpecker deterrent of them all: RIHI Protec siding. Next time we’ll talk about the benefits of our Protec siding including—but not exclusive to—ridding your woodpecker-induced headache. Until then—call us at 401-739-1001 for any and all pecking issues that may be piquing your concern.

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