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windows-smallLooking through some of these older vintage blogs littering the RIHI archives I began to realize that despite covering how to intelligently select the right replacement window for your home, I’ve rarely discussed the different types of windows from which you have to choose. Energy efficiency is so important these days with many people subscribing to the Green Movement. You cannot, however, ignore the fact that you deserve something that fits the look of your unique taste and home’s décor. Today we’re going side-step the usual energy-saving-money-saving replacement window rhetoric and focus on appearance only.

The most popular window type is the double hung. The double in double hung simply refers to both sashes within the same unit bypassing each other. These windows are tailored for those with more conventional tastes, and are typically standard within older style homes—such as colonials and Victorians. Double hungs are normally the easiest windows to clean, as they almost always carry the option of tilting into the house. No more risking bodily harm while straddling a ladder with cleaning products once double hungs have been installed.

Casement windows—or crank-out windows—are another style that garners a lot of attention. Casements are single sashed and tend to allow for better air flow, as the entire screen is left exposed when the window is open. One drawback to the casement style is that they can present problems when installed vis-à-vis high traffic areas, such as decks and porches. You wouldn’t want to injure an innocent guest relaxing on your patio as your crank-out window swings outward. The ever-so-slight threat of violence aside, casements are a great choice for traditional and contemporary houses alike.

Next time we get together we’ll explore some of the more exotic window options. While double hungs and casements make up a large percentage of the window jobs we handle, they are far from the only styles available. Until then, you can always dial 401-739-1001 to find out more about wonderful wide world of windows.

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