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kitchen-cabinets-traditional-two-tone-a-s-white-gray-blue-wood-hood-island1Don’t let home improvements turn you into a refugee

One concern shared by many homeowners involves how to adapt to living in their home during a major remodeling project. Depending upon the extent of what you’re having done, you have more options then you probably realize. One route people will flirt with is actually seeking refuge in a hotel for the duration of their project.  While this may seem extreme to most, we’d like to offer alternatives that would cater to not only your lifestyle, but also your wallet.

Refacing is easier than replacing

Without question,  the home improvement project guiltiest of intrusion is the kitchen. Since the kitchen holds the most traffic for most households, living with limited access to such a space can be somewhat of an inconvenience. The best way to combat this inconvenience is to sincerely consider cabinet refacing over a full scale remodel.  Our customers are always surprised when we sit down with them and explore  the differences between a refacing project and a kitchen remodel. One aspect people love is the notion that a cabinet refacing project takes only 3-5 days, while a kitchen remodel/ cabinet tear out will normally tie up about 4-6 weeks.

Game planning for your project

Time tables aside, kitchen accessibility during these projects also look vastly different.  For example, the time it takes for us to prep our customers for life during  a refacing project is far shorter than that of our remodeling customers.  Kitchen cabinet refacing—while lasting less than a week—offers the homeowner a fully functioning kitchen during the span of the installation.  On the other hand, we sit down for a good period of time with our remodeling customers to help them strategize their month of living kitchenless.


The first order of business involves finding a temporary new home for the refrigerator.  We’ll usually move the fridge into the living room, which many people end up enjoying. Having access to food and drinks without having to miss any of the game is definitely a perk of having a displaced fridge.  We also tell our remodeling customers to think of their month without a kitchen as an excuse to throw a never-ending barbecue. We’ll also suggest plotting out a schedule for your favorite take-out places, as well as stocking up on microwavable entrees and paper/plastic plates and utensils.

Just remember, updating your kitchen does not have to cramp your lifestyle—especially if you decide to entertain refacing your cabinets. Regardless of how you’d like to enhance the “pop” of your kitchen, give us a call at 401-739-1001 and we’ll discuss which avenue is best for you.

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