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4591Don’t Curb your Home’s Enthusiasm

You will often hear the term “curb appeal” thrown around when listening in to discussions revolving around homes.  Simply stated, curb appeal refers to how well a home looks strictly from the outside. Homes that grab your eye as you pass by do so with their exterior elements. While there certainly many ways to increase your home’s curb appeal, vinyl siding is always the best place to start.

Vinyl’s Appeal

Regardless of your landscaping or any other bells and whistles, your home’s exterior is what first catches everyone’s eye. The product your home wears reflects directly upon its aesthetic beauty.  No matter how well manicured your lawn is, the naked eye will ultimately be drawn to the exterior of your home. Keeping this notion in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people are converting from wood siding to vinyl.  Considering the amount of upkeep involved in maintaining wood siding, homeowners are abandoning actual wood shingles and clapboard for the beauty of vinyl.

Technology in the new millennium has advanced vinyl siding to the point of replicating the look of wood as closely as possible.  For example, our Protec Cedar Ridge will easily offer your home the consistent look of freshly painted wood. The unique design of Cedar Ridge projects an authentic true-milled cedar wood grain and radiant low-gloss finish.

Colors and Textures

Protec vinyl siding also allows the homeowner complete freedom to express his or her personal taste with the wide spectrum of colors.  Spanning eighteen color options, Protec offers something for everyone whether your fancy tends to lean toward earth tones or stunning reds and blues.  Again, your home’s siding directly dictates your home’s curb appeal, and we feel it is very important for our customers to not only increase the value of their home, but also  the opportunity to express their individual personality through an array of color schemes.

The old idiom “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” aside, we feel vinyl siding—not wood siding–is the route to travel when trying to achieve your home’s maximum curb appeal.  If you still have doubts, we’d like to invite you to see yourself.  Visit our Dream Designer, upload a picture of your home , and begin mixing and matching our Protec siding with the different trim options.  Have fun and please don’t be afraid to unlock the untapped potential your home has to be the most beautiful one on your block.

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