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kitchen_image1Cabinet Refacing complimenting your kitchen

So, you would like to update your kitchen—preferably before the holidays—and you’re wondering where to begin.  Based upon the questions we field from many of our cabinet refacing customers, the biggest concern seems to be matching the refacing products with their existing kitchen.  These questions usually pop up during the initial stages of our in-home estimates, but they are quickly quelled once we have the opportunity to share with them the spectrum of our Stradivarius cabinet collection.  Featuring over twenty species of wood, including Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Bamboo, our cabinet customers are able to freely tailor their new cabinets to their unique individual taste.

Matching your kitchen with factory finishing

Once people fully understand the concept and process of cabinet refacing they easily recognize refacing as the most practical and effective route to enhance their kitchen. The first question we normally handle involves how we handle the cabinet area around the doors and drawer fronts. Many assume we paint this area; however, we actually have something much better. Using Flexwood, which is a solid wood laminate, we’re able to perfectly match your existing cabinets with the doors and drawers you select. The Flexwood laminate is also factory finished, so as to blend perfectly with your new cabinet doors.  We will also remove and replace all the molding to match your brand new color scheme.

“Your Full-Scale Kitchen Remodel looks amazing!”

Speaking of factory finished, we will also cover the bottom of your cabinets with ¼” matching plywood that complements the species of wood you pick out.  People are always amazed at just how closely we’re able to match the wood grains and colors—especially following the first time they entertain with their freshly refaced cabinets.  Our receptionist constantly takes calls from our cabinet customers telling us, “Our party guests fell all over themselves complimenting us on our brand new kitchen. The cabinets are so spectacular that they were convinced we had entirely redesigned the layout of our kitchen!”

It’s never too early to start thinking about updating your kitchen, so give us a call today! With holiday season on the horizon—albeit distant—we’d love to show you how you too can fool your guests into thinking you’ve completely renovated your kitchen despite simply completing some quick and clever cabinet refacing.


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