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Vinyl is Final

4591Our last discussion of vinyl siding focused on the vibrant colors vinyl siding offers, so today we wanted to address the benefits less apparent to the naked eye.  Technological advances have brought vinyl siding a long way over the past decade. From thermal conductivity, impact resistance, and other assorted features, vinyl siding no longer simply improves the appearance of your home, but it also provides energy efficiency as well.  While there are currently many products on the market, we’d like to take some time today to point out what separates our Protec siding from the rest of the pack.

Give your wallet a break this winter

With oil and gas prices exploding through the roof over the previous ten years, homeowners are constantly reaching out to us, asking how they can alleviate their heating costs.  What they don’t realize is that abandoning their tired wood siding for the beauty of vinyl will make their home much more energy efficient.  For example, our Protec siding features SolidCore insulated backing, which retains heat in the winter and air-conditioned relief in the summer.

The SmartTrack moisture management system imbedded within our Protec siding will allow your house to breathe properly—regardless of the temperature.  Excess moisture can create nightmares filled with mold and algae—something you’ll never have to concern yourself with once you’ve committed to Protec siding. The savings and peace of mind you’ll enjoy courtesy of the SolidCore and SmartTrack engineering will be immediate.

Protec siding vs. Mother Nature

The physical appearance aside, you’re going to want to invest in a vinyl product that performs well under pressure. If you’ve lived in New England during any of the previous winters you know exactly what I’m talking about. These hard-hitting winters have shown us here at RIHI that we needed to provide our customers with a vinyl siding that could stand up to Mother Nature’s sense of humor, which is why Neopor is such an important aspect of our Protec siding.  Neopor increases the R value of your home up to 19% depending upon the profile you select, absorbs and reflects radiant heat, and will also reduce annoying noise levels up to 45%.

If you’ve decided to explore your options and are thinking about reaching out to vinyl siding contractors, give us a call. We’ll come right out and share how Protec vinyl siding will not only make your home the beautiful on your block, but also the most energy efficient one as well.


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