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sunroomblogAnatomy of Window

Windows come in many shapes and sizes.  I’m sure you’ve seen wood windows, vinyl windows, and aluminum windows since these three materials are by far the most wide-spread on the current market. The problem with many of these windows is that they’re built for low cost, which unfortunately translates into low value.  The aforementioned windows—although easier on your wallet initially—will eventually cost you more money as they convert your home into a heat sieve. Today we’re going to examine the composite replacement window, and how they’re a far better option for your replacement needs.

The Winning Recipe for Energy Savings

What separates our Protec replacement window construction from the others lies within the compositional makeup. Unlike windows featuring a single base material, Protec windows utilize a composite material.  Merging a proprietary mix of specialty polymer with acrylic resins, our Protec window greatly reduces energy transfer. Composite material combines the beauty of wood with the rot resistance of vinyl, not to mention insulating your home far better than aluminum windows.

Solid to the Core

While I can talk all day about what our windows are made from, the best way to convey how Protec compares to the competition is to show you. A quick glance at a cutaway sample of windows next to one of a standard window will be rather telling.  The Protec window boasts a solid wall whereas the typical vinyl window is hollow PVC.  You don’t require a physics degree to realize that solid will offer you much more durability than hollow.

Cross section of Protec replacement windowThe Protec window’s composite design also allows for chemical and fusion welded technology as opposed to mechanical fastening. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows are not malleable for fusion welding, leaving them susceptible to sealants prone to failing sooner than later. The chemical makeup of the composite material creates a product that is readily recyclable, which of course is much more environmentally friendly.

Unless you enjoy replacing your windows every few years, let us suggest taking a very close look at a composite product along the lines of our Protec replacement window system.  We’ll be more than happy to show you how the competition’s window tries—unsuccessfully—to stand up to our window. Just remember, a run-of-the-mill vinyl window will leave you feeling exactly the same way as its constructed—hollow.


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