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Protec Replacement WindowsLast time we discussed the ingredients of a quality replacement window we focused more on the general construction of the window itself.  Today we’re going to spend some time looking at the more specific details offered by elite windows.  Covering such aspects such as glass packages, grid options, and hardware, we’ll go deeper into some of the decorative attributes and aesthetic qualities found within the more attractive replacement window options available.

Glass packages

Aside from the durable construction of the window frames, glass is the next obvious aspect to determine which replacement window will satisfy your home’s needs.   Our Protec replacement window, for example, is offered in two distinct packages. Whether you select the Protec Windows Value or the Protec Windows Premium you’re guaranteed the luxury of the Truseal Duralite Spacer. This spacer intricately secures the argon gas between panes of Climaguard Low E glass. The Truseal Spacer and Climaguard Low E glass work in conjunction to offer twice the Energy Star recommended U factor.

While on the subject of glass, a home will occasionally require something with a little more expression. Protec offers a variety of decorative glass, tailored to fit anyone’s individual taste. Beveled and leaded are just two examples of custom glass designs offered at RIHI.


Grids are the perfect accent to bring your replacement windows to the next level.  Unlike many other windows, Protec features Grids Between Glass (GBG).  GBG allows you the beauty of window grids with the same ease of cleaning your windows if they had not included grids. If, however, you prefer your grids on the outside of the glass, you need not worry.  Protec also has Removable Grids, which may be easily taken off during the window cleaning process.


Many of our window customers do not necessarily consider hardware color during the shopping process—that is, until we share with them the almost limitless options. Whether discussing cranks, locks pulls, or awning locks, our customers can bask in the freedom to customize their windows’ color scheme.

So, if you should find yourself in the market for replacement windows, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll enjoy showing you just how it easy it is to customize your new replacement windows around your individual personality.


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