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replacement_windows_winterWindows in a Winter Wonderland

Despite any preconceived notions you may have, replacing your windows in the dead of winter is not a bad idea. People get concerned when we broach the subject of taking their old windows out and installing new ones when there aren’t many degrees outside. You have to realize, we here at RIHI have been doing this for the better part of over sixty years. While bringing that brand of experience to the table, we will get those replacement windows into your house as quick as can be with no hassle and without throwing your thermostat out of whack. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to stop stalling and replace those heat-leaking sieve windows you currently have right now!

Protec(ting) your home from heat loss

Considering you still have a good three months of heating bills to budget for this year, now is the perfect time to replace those windows. Our Protec windows are Energy Star certified, providing consumers with a U factor that promises to slash those pesky heating bills. With one of the most efficient ratings on the market, the Protec replacement window system virtually pays for itself when compared to what you’ll shell out to the oil and gas companies should you decide to stay with your current windows.

Composite construction

If you’re looking for durability and strength in a replacement window then look no further than RIHI’s Protec window. Constructed from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, Protec offers a window that will not warp or wear—which are both severe concerns when dealing with a vinyl or wood replacement window. Protec’s solid core insulation also provides much more stability, especially when compared with the hollow-wall system found in many other vinyl windows.

If you’re contemplating replacing your windows, please don’t fear the frigid weather and End the cycle of ridiculous heating bills and call us today at 401-739-1001.

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