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dream-design-2So, you’ve been thinking about jumping into the wonderful world of vinyl siding, but you have a tough time wrestling with which color to choose.  You’ve probably also grown disillusioned with holding up a handful of color swatches to your home, which is absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully, RIHI and technology have granted you the gift of knowing exactly what your beloved home will look like regardless of what color you choose. Selecting siding has never been simpler! Our Dream Designer module within our website now allows you to upload pictures of your home and customize its exterior to your unique taste. You should be warned, however. People have lost themselves for hours perusing the Dream Designer, experimenting with the dozens of vinyl siding flavors featured on our site. Now is the time to envision your home’s potential, so let’s get started on how to use this thing.

First, you’re going to need to snap a glamour shot picture of your home. Your cellphone camera will more than suffice.  Once you have a quality picture of your home, you can upload it to the Dream Designer page located at rihi.com.  It may take a day or two for your home to be uploaded but can check back from time to time until your home pops up on the Pick A New Home page. Simply select your home once you find it and let the fashion show begin!  Walk your home down the runway wearing exotic tones such as honey oak, harbor blue, and Oceanside.  Traditional shingle-style, not your thing, you say? No problem! Convert your siding style into vertical siding (which everyone knows is somewhat slimming) cedar shake style, or clapboard. Run through the entire color palette before selecting your decorative trim and voilà—you’ve covered the endless possibilities for your home.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of colors our Protec siding affords. Take your time and enjoy the Dream Designer software on our site. Once you find the perfect vinyl siding color you’re just one phone call to 401-739-1001 away from making it a reality.

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