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With the ever-growing amount of window companies and brands saturating the market, shopping for replacement windows can at times seem overwhelming. The risk of selecting a subpar window could be more dangerous now than ever before.

Finding the best replacement window for you and your home comes down to asking savvy questions and knowing what qualities define a high-performing window system. Maybe more importantly than spotting a good window, is identifying one of poor quality. In a market filled with unsatisfactory replacement windows, the intelligent consumer should arm themselves with as much information as possible before investing in such an important aspect of the home.

The most essential attribute to initially consider when selecting a window is the construction. What materials compose this particular window? Anyone who has shopped for windows recently undoubtedly has heard the term composite. Our RIHI windows, for example, are composite, as they are designed using a proprietary combination of specialty polymers and acrylic resins. This construction drives our window’s strength and durability while also lending to the energy efficiency it provides. Unfortunately, the term composite is easily manipulated and misrepresented, acting as a façade for a poor performing window. The actual word composite simply means: comprised of different materials.

Some companies will simply construct their “composite” windows using remnant material – which is an industry term for scrap material.

If you want a true composite window that will never need replacing our Protec replacement windows is a clear answer.

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