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ice-dam-2When last we met we had discussed how to prevent ice dams. One of the best routes taken to prevent water damage was to use a rake to remove excess snow from your roof. Ice dams aside, many people become concerned with the idea that their roof may cave in should the snow pile up as it did last winter. The issue of snow removal comes down to two major criteria: the first centers on being savvy about the type of snow that has fallen while the second is knowing the weight threshold of your roof. If you haven’t thought about either of these previously mentioned ideas you’re in the clear. We’ll flesh both out for you right now.

Knowing your snow is the most important factor in determining whether you need to address your roof. All snow is not created equally. In fact, this past week in Southern New England gave us a great lesson in snow differential. Friday’s storm, for example, brought forth heavy wet snow while Monday’s squall dumped upon us the soft, fluffy variety. Wet snow tends to weigh six to seven times more than the fluffy stuff; therefore, your roof can handle exponentially more fluffy snow than that of the wet. Most experts advise that you should start removing snow once your reach six inches of accumulations, which might be a bit over cautious. Your roof can hold much more than six inches of fluffy snow.

Another aspect to consider is that homes are built to a specific code depending upon the region in which you live. Should you—as I’m guessing many of you reading this do—live within a region known for heavy snowfall, your roof has been constructed to code in order to support said snowfall. Now if you had called Rhode Island Home Improvement to have us replace your roof this would be a non-issue. Our Protec shingles are specifically devised to keep your home safe from the worst New England winters have to offer. Both durable and reliable, the Protec shingle will not let you down!

Finally, the one thing to remember when removing snow from your roof is to not be a cowboy. You don’t want to be one of these yahoos who skates off his or her roof into a rose bush each and every winter. If a snow rake will not suffice for your particular home call a professional before attempting it yourself. Stay safe out there, people!

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