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guttersToo often people will only consider their gutters and gutter maintenance during peak leaf-peeping season. Granted, gutter-talk is one of the least sexy aspects of your home to discuss; however, your gutters offer much more protection than many realize. Without proper gutter function you are severely compromising your home’s structure, since a well-installed gutter system diverts damaging rainfall away from your foundation. While your gutters are extremely important, gutter protection not only increases the productivity of the gutters themselves, but it will also alleviate many headaches you’d suffer otherwise. Now is the best time to start preparing your gutters for the onslaught of foliage while the trees are still bare, so let’s talk about how RIHI can get you started.

With the importance placed upon gutter protection, we here at Rhode Island Home Improvement spent many months researching the best possible avenue to offer to our customers. Upon looking at myriad options we decided to work alongside Slim Guard. Slim Guard gutter protection utilizes cutting edge technology that propels both its form and function. One of Slim Guard’s best aspects is that it does not need any screws or bolts into either the gutters or the roof, which many other gutter protection systems require. Slim Guards mesh construction allows for a customized form-fitting boundary between your gutters and the assorted debris that can batter your roof.

Don’t let your gutters create any extra work for you! Make sure you call us well before foliage season so that we can help your gutter system give you the peace of mind you deserve. A simple in-home estimate is the first step to a highly functioning roof. You can always reach us at 401-739-1001 for all your roofing and gutter related questions.

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