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If you had the pleasure of enjoying the home show held within the Rhode Island Convention this past weekend, then you had probably noticed—or perhaps even snapped a picture or two with—the Pink Panther as he was prancing about. We thought the home show would be the perfect venue to introduce our exciting new relationship with Owens Corning roofing shingles. In an effort to consistently provide our valued customers with the best products possible, we have connected with one of—if not the most—trusted roofing companies across the country. Roofing systems are such an integral component to any home’s livelihood, so we wanted to offer nothing but the best.

There were a few aspects of the Owens Corning story that made our decision to work alongside them an easy one. First of all, their longevity speaks for itself. Owens Corning has been redefining innovation since the late 1930s. Whether we’re talking about commercial, industrial, or recreational usage, Owens Corning has proven to be a technological pioneer throughout the better part of the 20th century.

Secondly, we were more than impressed with Owens Corning’s commitment to constantly improve upon the materials they use. We actually had the chance to see the vigorous stress they expose their shingles to before unleashing them on the public. Each shingle is formatted with WeatherGuard and Premium Cool technology, which offers one of the highest impact resistance and solar reflection available.

Perhaps the biggest reason we’ve chosen the Owens Corning roofing system centers on the warranty we’re able to provide. As a Platinum Member, each of our Owens Corning roofing projects come with the 50/50 warranty. The 50/50 warranty lends its name to the notion of honoring 50 years of both labor and materials. With their SureNail technology, these shingles are specifically designed with durability in mind. SureNail allows us to offer this unprecedented 50/50 package, which for those of you who have researched roofing warranties, will realize is an absolutely amazing concept!

If weren’t able to attend the home show you have nothing to worry about. You can still—as always—reach us at 401-739-1001 to schedule your free roof estimate. Call today and see just how much easier life can be with the Pink Panther protecting your home from the worst Mother Nature can dish out.

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