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corvetteLast week we discussed our exciting new relationship with Owens Corning roofing systems, and the benefits this relationship will allow us to pass on to our valued customers. While we talked briefly about some of the great new technology Owens Corning roofing shingles bring to the table, today we’ll focus a little more on the effect Owens Corning’s storied history had to do with our coupling.

Anyone who has spent time within Rhode Island Home Improvement knows that we have more than a few car aficionados on staff, which explains why many of us already had some working knowledge of Owens Corning’s auspicious beginnings. During the early 1950s Owens Corning decided to jump into the world of auto racing. Working alongside the people at Chevrolet, they focused their eye for innovation on the Corvette. Faced with the notion of improving the car’s performance without compromising its durability, Owens Corning began designing a composite material of fiberglass reinforced plastic. This revolutionary new construction sent shockwaves throughout the racing circuit, fostering sleek styling, supreme strength, and an unprecedented aerodynamic quickness.

You might now be asking yourself, “What does the Corvette’s racing prowess have to do with my roofing shingles?” Well, the technological advancements Owens Corning utilized within the racing industry are the very same that translated so well into their roofing shingles. Upon researching standard roofing shingles, Owens Corning quickly realized they could devise a stronger, better performing shingle in the same fashion they had addressed the Corvette. Surenail technology—the end result of Owens Corning’s diligent teamwork—provided homeowners with the durability each roof deserves. The woven fabric strip within each shingle not only makes installation simple, but also allows this roofing system to stand up to winds up to 130 miles per hour without lifting—winds to which your standard shingle will easily cower and fail.

When considering replacing your roof we at Rhode Island Home Improvement have strived to make your decision an easy one. Call us today at 401.739.1001 to schedule your free in home estimate and we’ll gladly explain how you could have the Corvette of roofing systems protecting your home before you know it.

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