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snow-roofIf timing truly is everything, then today is the perfect time to talk about how to remove snow from your roof properly.

Yes, once again, Mother Nature lulled us into a false sense of security as she let us off easy with a very gentle January. Now as many of us dig out of the multiple snowy inches laid down upon us yesterday, we should think about how much snow is too much snow for our roofing systems to handle. The good news is that your home—as long as it was built to code—should have no problem shouldering the burden of snow generally associated with your region.  Another secret known to many savvy homeowners, one which I will share with you now, is to know your snow. Do not gauge the snow on your roof by the visible amount. For example, dry fluffy snow carries much less weight than that of wet snow. While the latter makes for much better snowball fights and snowman construction, the former is far easier to manage.

You may now be asking, “How do I know when my snow load is too much?” Since we’re in the secret-sharing mood, the next one involves your home’s interior doors. If your roof is starting to buckle a bit from excessive snow, your interior doors will stick when you attempt to open or close them. You may also notice some chipping along the drywall above these doors.

Should you now find, yourself wanting to remove snow from your roof your best bet is to call a professional. Your snow-slicked roof is the last place you want to start honing your shoveling skills. If you have a one-story house, such as a bungalow or ranch, you can purchase a snow rake from your local hardware store. These rakes will allow you the ability to remove snow from the safety of ground level. Remember, you don’t need to remove all the snow—just enough remove any threat of compromising the structure.

As always—feel free to address any snowy roof-related questions to The Home Improvement Guys at RIHI via 401-739-1001.

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