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Phyllis-BBB-AwardMost our blogs contain exciting information surrounding our Protec products or any of the scintillating events we take part in on any given weekend. Today, however, we’re going to focus on us and something of which we are extremely proud. If you will take a moment to glance at the picture included within this blog you’ll notice our stunning and lovely human resources department—or as we casually refer to her: Phyllis—being presented with our latest award from Daniel Guerino of the Better Business Bureau.  It’s not often we like to brag about the assorted accolades and acknowledgements we receive, but this is a big one. Covering the previous forty years, the Better Business Bureau has recognized our commitment to honesty, integrity, ethics, and trust.

Why does this award mean more to us than many of the others? Simply stated: because we could not achieve this status with the BBB if it were not for you—the RIHI customer. We take great pride in providing every homeowner we work with the same tireless customer service. Whether you’re doing something as simple as replacing your gutters or an extensive kitchen project, our goal and ultimate end-game is to make sure you’re left a great feeling about your home and the project you’ve so graciously allowed us to assist you with. Once you actually take a step back it is you—the RIHI customer—who have bestowed this award upon us. You have been generous enough to reach out and contact the BBB, expressing your gratitude through your glowing recommendations of us, and for that we sincerely thank you!

As long as our customers will allow us, we’ll continue to provide the quality-assured service that we continue to improve upon sixty years after our inception. Remember, you can always reach out to us at 401-739-1001 to enjoy the same service which has kept us in such good standing with Better Business Bureau over the last four decades.

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