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Roofing ContractorRoofing always seems to be the one piece of the home that is most commonly taken for granted. Many homeowners wait and wait and then wait some more until their roof becomes an emergency before addressing shingle issues.  Roofing nightmares can cause days and weeks of hassles, so if you’d like to avoid becoming one of these panic-stricken people who call us from time to time—here are a few key things to look for before your roof ruins your day.

Age before Beauty

The easiest roof assessment you can make is based upon the age of your current shingles. If your roof is old enough to drink alcohol legally then you’re going to want to begin the shopping process. Most roofing systems installed in the previous millennium will give you twenty to twenty five years of service if installed properly. Once your roof celebrates its 20th birthday, you will want to have a professional examine it.

Save the Lifting and Curling for the Gym

Another good idea is to simply eye-ball your roof. You’ll be able to determine valuable information just by giving your roof a good once over.  Shingles that appear cracked, broken, or torn will begin to lift—signaling a need for replacement. If your roof is younger than ten years old, however, lifting and curling may have been brought on by defective shingles. If this is the case, please address whoever installed your roof.

Get Your Head Into the Gutter

A clever trick that few people know about involves inspecting your gutters. Once a roof begins to fail it will shed granules, leaving a trace of residue inside your gutters.  If you happen to notice your gutters are more closely resembling a beach as opposed to a drainage system, you might want to consider a roof estimate.

So, if it’s a roof estimate you’re searching for then just give us a call. We’ll gladly come by your home at your convenience and share our Protec roofing system with you. We’ll work with you to alleviate any and all concerns you may have as you ready your roof for winter.


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