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Keep the Winter Wonderland Outside Your Home

Energy Efficent Replacement WindowsIt’s that time of year again. That time when the leaves and the weather both begin to turn, leaving people in a panic about the upcoming seasonal change in their heating bills. If recent history tells us anything, this winter promises to bring bitter cold and rising fuel costs. There are luckily a few investments you can make to ease the seasonal strain on your wallet, and we’ll discuss a few of these over the course of the next few blogs.

A Touch of Glass

The most effective method of battling energy loss in your home is to update your windows.  Replacement windows, if installed properly, will create a much better situation for your home’s heat retention. You will want to investigate your options thoroughly, however, before settling on a replacement window, as they are not all created equal. For example, a window’s U Factor will greatly determine just how much energy will be salvaged during the winter months.  The U Factor refers to how much energy is lost through the window; therefore, you’re looking for the lowest number possible. Many quality replacement windows flirt with a .3 U Factor. Our windows, on the other hand, the Protec window system, boasts a U Factor of half of that number.

The Reason is in the Resin

The composite construction of the Protec window also lends itself to its exemplary energy efficiency.  Many windows on the market are devised of materials such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum—all of which in one way or another will either conduct heat or allow it to escape into the outside world. RIHI’s Protec windows are made from a composite material featuring specialty polymer and acrylic resins. This composite construction creates last longing durability and thermal performance values that lesser replacement windows just cannot hold a candle to. Seriously, hold a candle to these other windows and watch as the wind blowing through them extinguishes it!

With the winter bearing down upon us, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll come by your home and show you how easy you can convert your home into the energy efficient palace you deserve.


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