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iStock_000013757570Small1Readying Your Roof

With the temperatures dropping and winter about to start storming down upon us, we’d like to discuss what you should look for in not only a roofing shingle, but also a roofing contractor.  Your home’s roof is not something you want to put off for after the winter if you can help it. People tend to take their roof for granted until it’s too late. Trust us; you do not want to fall into the category of people with failing roofs during the brunt of winter. Have your roof examined and estimated before Mother Nature’s disposition turns nasty.

Adding Grains to your Roof’s Diet

One aspect of your roofing shingle you really want is a metallic granule system. Roofing shingles that lack granule technology are going to eventually create headaches for you. For example, our Cambridge AR shingles contain granules that will annihilate pesky moss and algae from reproducing on the surface of your roof. We field calls all too often from people requesting roof cleaning because their roof resembles a golf course putting green.

Venting Smart

You also want to make sure your roofing contractor will properly ventilate your new roof.  A poorly ventilated roof will ruin your day rather quickly, as moisture build-up will create a nightmare scenario of mold and mildew throughout your attic and/or crawlspace. A roof, much like the rest of your home, needs to breathe properly—which is why RIHI offers Smartvent.  Smartvent technology utilizes an advanced moisture sensing system which handles humidity and dampness in a fashion with which other venting systems just cannot compete.  While dealing with the issue of moisture, Smartvent installation also removes radon from beneath your roof, as well as malodorous vapors that accompanies excess dampness.

If you have any question regarding the status of your current roof, don’t hesitate to call us. There are few things worse than dealing with a compromised roofing shingle during the dark days following the winter solstice.


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