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Gleaming Gutters

downspoutsConsidering today is the first official day of autumn, we wanted to make sure you knew how to prepare your gutters and roof for—if recent history is any indicator—another harsh winter.  Faulty operating gutters combined with a debris filled roof can absolutely ruin your day, so here are a few tips to think about before your gutters rain on your parade.

Four Easy Steps to Better Gutters

Once you’ve climbed atop your ladder, you’re going to want to just start pulling the assorted junk out of your gutters.  Leaves can get rather nasty following the decomposed stage, so you’re definitely going to want to don a pair of old gloves. Pay close attention to where the downspouts meet the gutters, since leaves, dirt, and mildew will hinder the draining process.

You’re going to want to inspect the spikes going through the gutters at this point. Make sure the gutters are fastened tightly to the fascia board and the rafter.  If the spikes appear loose you might want to invest in a new set—just to be safe.

Leaks are something else you must take notice of.  Finding the source of any leaks will alleviate potential headaches come wintertime.  Scrape out any old excess caulking from the seams with a chisel or some comparative tool.  You can then seal any cracks or holes with silicone. This is also a good time to take a glance at the rivets on the downspout. You should be able to secure them once again with a rivet gun, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

The last think left would now be to just wash the gutters. The best method to achieve a clean gutter is to wash with a pressure washer. Just be very mindful of the angle you hold the nozzle, as you do not want to damage any shingles on your roof.

The Magic of SlimGuard

While the above tutorial will get you through your gutter cleaning needs, you might want to consider calling us to install our SlimGuard gutter guards. If, for example, you already owned our SlimGuard system you could’ve spent your time doing something other than reading this blog and dragging the ladder out of the garage.

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