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very worn roof on homeA worn or damaged roof can create a significant obstacle for your home. In many cases, the longer you allow the issue to go unresolved, the worse the situation (and the cost to fix it!) is ultimately going to be. However, some New England roofs can last longer than others, barring any causes of unexpected damage.

1.) A Leak in Your Roof

If you take a look in your attic after a massive storm and find a pool of water or moisture, then your roof most likely leaks. Roof leaks are commonly caused by broken or missing shingles, deteriorated flashing, poorly installed underlayment, or a gap created by a falling tree branch or other debris. Roof fail progressively: one leak today, two leaks next week, four leaks next month, and so on. If the leak is notable, then a roof replacement will most likely be required to ensure your roof works appropriately.

Stains on Ceiling from leaking roof 2.) Stains on the Ceiling or Wall

If you don’t take a look into your attic, the leak will ultimately work its way through the ceiling or down the walls of your home. When this happens, the ceiling or wall of your home will become stained. If the issue isn’t fixed, it could weaken your ceiling to the point of falling, and even potentially cause hazardous mold to form inside your home.

3.) Exterior Roof or Siding Decay

Over a period of time, the decking or sheathing under a leaky roof will start absorbing water. This can result in fungal rot and decay of the roofs sheathing, and even the siding on that part of the home, causing further costs due to damage to your home.

 4.) Blistering or Peeling Paint Inside or Outside of Your Home

If your home has inadequate ventilation in the attic and moisture is becoming trapped, then this will eventually cause your home’s interior or exterior paint to start to blister or peel.

 5.) Darkish Spots or Fungus on your Roof

It is not unusual for some roofs to develop unsightly looking roof spots (algae) or to have fungus, lichen, moss, and mold growing on the surface. With the advent of AR, or Algae Resistant granules, this is unnecessary. This is an indicator that you may want to consider replacing your roof as these things can eat away at the roofs surface, your property value, and your pride.

cracked shingles on roof in need of repair6.) Cracked, Curved, or Missing Shingles

Broken, curved, or missing shingles are among the most frequent problems homeowners encounter regarding their roofs. This is caused by time, exposure, and premature drying out of the shingle. They may lose their flexibility and ability to expand and contract with your home due to changes in temperature. Another good indicator that the roof has reached the end of its effective lifespan. 

 7.) Extremely High Energy Bills

If your roof is inadequately ventilated, then one of the signs is extremely high energy bills. The hot air traps hot air beneath it, raising your cooling bills. The moisture will become trapped in the insulation, making it ineffective and raising your heating bills. 

How Long Should my Home’s Roof Last?

Various roofing materials have different expected lifespans. For example, a roof with fiber cement shingles should typically last about 25 years, while copper, slate, and tile roof could last up to 50 years. Wood shake roofs last about 30 years, and roofs with asphalt/composition shingles will usually need replacing after 20-50 years. These are estimations, depending on numerous factors. Your roof may last longer or shorter, but if you pay attention, every roof will give you warning signs about when it’s time for a new roof. 

Why Should You Choose RIHI For Your Home Roofing Needs?

Our specially designed Protec roofing system provides New England homeowners with an added layer of protection because it not only allows the home to breathe, but it also sheds and repels snow and ice easier than conventional roofing systems. If your roof is showing one or more of the above warning signs and it needs to be replaced, don’t wait, contact the roofing professionals at RIHI and get a free estimate for your roof replacement today.

At RIHI, we are a family business that has been beautifying homes in New England for over 70 years. That means we understand how the seasons, weather conditions, and more can impact the integrity of your roof.

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