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Are you looking to replace your home’s windows? You’re making a significant investment not only in your home’s beauty and value but also in your comfort.

But windows are an essential investment. You want replacement windows that are going to last decades in even the most extreme temperatures.

You also need windows that are going to boost your home’s aesthetic value and save energy. It’s important to find a balance of beauty and function, which can be hard if this is your first time buying windows.

If you take a trip to the home improvement store, you’ll see the options for replacement windows are dizzying. It’s hard to sift through the features that matter for your home and the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Don’t worry! Let’s cut through the clutter to help you find the best replacement window for your home.

Boosting replacement window performance

You’ll want to consider five factors when shopping for the replacement windows.

1.   Price and location

When it comes to windows, you get what you pay for. If you find a steep discount or deal on a window, there’s usually a reason for that. It might be a low-quality item or from overseas. If you cheap out on the wrong window, you’ll likely spend way more replacing the cheap replacements in the future.

You’ll also want to consider your geography. Some features work better for hot climates, while others are designed for cold climates. Speak with a qualified window professional like RIHI to choose the right features for your geography.

2.   Cladding

Cladding is the frame that goes around the outside of your window. There are a lot of options for cladding; the right choice depends on your aesthetic preferences and the weather.

Wood is a popular option for heritage homes. Keep in mind that wood is fragile, so you’ll need to regularly paint and seal wood cladding.

Vinyl or fiberglass cladding are great to protect your windows from the elements no matter where you live.

If you’re in a hot climate, aluminum is a great choice. This cladding directs heat away from your windows, slashing your energy bill.

3.   Glazing

Glazed windows are a great way to preserve energy and reduce noise.

Windows are glazed if they have more than one pane of glass. For example, a double-glazed window has two panes of glass with a space in between that’s filled with argon gas. The gas slows air transfer through the window, better insulating your home.

Triple-glazing is a less common but slightly more effective way to insulate your windows, too. Keep in mind that triple glazing comes at a higher cost. Do the math to see if you need double- or triple-glazing. It’s best used in areas with extreme temperatures or loud, disruptive noises. If your goal is energy efficiency at a reasonable price, you may want to check out RIHI’s high-performance Protec Gold Series. The window is double glazed; however, it has Climaguard low E with argon, instead of standard low E with argon.

4.   Low-emissivity coatings

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Not all low E coatings are the same, frankly, as technology marched forward, so has the development of various forms of low E coatings. Choosing the best option can be a daunting experience for the inexperienced. Based upon your particular needs, RIHI’s trained consultants can help you sort it all out.  So as a starting point, let’s begin by understanding just what Low E is and how it works. Low -E means low emissivity, and what it is is an extremely thin layer of metallic particles applied to the surface of the glass, in certain instances, there are several layers or stacks of these metallic particles applied to the surface of the glass, which act as filters. Heat, which is a long wavelength, is filtered out, while the short wavelength represents visible light are allowed in. So essentially, not all low-E windows are created equal, depending on your particular needs RIHI can help guide you through the process of selecting the right one for your home.

Check out RIHI’s High-Performance Protec Gold Series. The window is double glazed; however, it has Climaguard low E with argon, instead of standard low E with argon. I think you’ll be very impressed with the performance.

5.   Tilt-in sashes

Never climb a ladder to clean your windows again. Tilt-in sashes allow you to open the window inside your home for easy cleaning.

Tilt-ins aren’t available for every window, but they definitely make your life easier. If you’re going for longevity, it makes sense to spend a little more to get windows that are easier to clean.

Removal of Old Replacement Windows

Standard Window replacements versus RIHI PROTEC windows

Now that we know what features to look for, it’s important to understand that not all windows are built equally. There’s a huge difference between your standard, run-of-the-mill vinyl replacement windows, and RIHI’s Protec composite windows.

When you choose RIHI, you not only get the above essential features but also:

Made in the USA

●     U.S.-made PROTEC components

All RIHI windows are made of U.S.-built PROTEC components. Know that your windows are assembled with the best attention to detail and material quality.

●     Incredible durability

PROTEC  windows are 400% more durable than common hollow vinyl windows and have a better finish. Our windows are designed to weather brutal summers and unforgiving winters. PROTEC Windows minimize expansion and contraction with chemically-fused components, so your windows last for years to come.

●     Huge color selection

Need a window with real wood on the interior? We’ve got it!

Customers are often surprised that RIHI can make windows with so many materials, textures, options, and colors.

Just let us know what color you’d like! Express yourself with more than a standard white window. Choose the color and aesthetic that works best for your home.

Replacement Window Color Selection

Protec Replacement Windows are available in a wide assortment of colors

●     Energy savings that exceed Energy Star requirements

Our PROTEC Windows are not only Energy Star certified, but they exceed most Energy Star requirements.

The difference is that RIHI windows have a solid core, while other replacement windows have a hollow core. Our solid-core helps you conserve energy and provides superior strength and durability like no other replacement window.


PROTEC Replacement Window Glass Packages


  • Double Pane with Truseal’s Duralite Spacer
  • 7/8″ insulated assembly with Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in the chamber
  • *U-factor:
  • .25 – Double Hung
  • .24 – Casement, Awning
Premium Protec Replacement WindowPROTEC Premium

  • Triple Pane with Truseal’s Duralite Spacer
  • 1″ insulated assembly with two panes of Climaguard Low E glass and Argon gas in both chambers
  • *U-factor:
  • .19 – Double Hung
  • .16 – Casement, Awning

RIHI WarrantyNo Hassle, Non-Nonsense Warranty

If you aren’t thrilled for any reason, RIHI windows come with a no-hassle warranty. We know windows are a big investment in your home and we’ll do everything it takes to make things right.

The bottom line

Replacement windows have an immediate effect on your home. Boost your curb appeal, save money in the long run, and conserve energy by choosing the right replacement window for your home.

Want to brainstorm about your windows? Great! Chat with RIHI now to get a quick estimate.

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