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Your home’s windows are one of the most overlooked and underappreciated pieces of your home’s exterior. With so much to gain from having properly installed and well maintained windows, it is important to ensure that your home’s windows are kept in good repair! If you’re interested in learning how to identify the signs that your home’s windows need to be replaced, keep reading below for more information!


Old white window frames that are starting to failThe first, and arguably most obvious, sign that your windows need to be replaced is that you can feel a draft coming from your windows. Drafts become most evident during the winter months when the difference in temperature is far more noticeable. If you can feel the cold permeating through your window frames, it’s likely that either the window was poorly installed, or the seals are beginning to fail. Drafty windows can quickly reduce the energy efficiency of your homes, meaning that if you’re able to feel any draft, you should replace your windows immediately!

Difficulty Operating the Window

Another sign that you should consider replacing your home’s windows is that they are difficult to use. Whether you can’t open them, they’re unable to be locked, or fully closing them isn’t possible, windows that don’t operate well likely aren’t keeping your home well insulated and protected. If using your windows has become a hassle, it likely means that there is something wrong with the windows that’s limiting their ability to work properly. Maybe they’ve rusted in their tracks, maybe the frames are rotting out, or perhaps they’ve absorbed moisture that has warped the windows. Whatever the case may be, if it’s become impossible to use your windows, it’s time to replace them!

Your Frames Are Damaged

Old windows in stone buildingOftentimes, if your windows have become difficult to operate it is because the frames have become damaged. Your window frames often bare the bulk of the damage that occurs to your windows, as they often absorb water or snow which rots out the wood around the windows. If your window frames are soft to the touch, be sure to replace them before they begin to sag under the weight of the window units!

Noise Pollution

Finally, if you’ve noticed that the noise coming from outside your home has been getting louder lately, it may be because your windows are losing their seal and contributing to noise pollution in your home. Just as old windows can become drafty, those same leaks can allow noise in from the outdoors which can affect your ability to sleep or otherwise be comfortable in your home. If you’ve noticed that the noise coming from outside has been louder than usual, consider replacing your windows to help reduce the noise pollution!

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